100WW — Snow Tires

4374407b-e5ed-45cb-a707-95cad2401b31Marsha went to the kitchen sink and glanced out of the window. She was shocked to see that it was snowing. It never snowed in San Diego. Not even in the winter.

Marsha called her husband, who just came downstairs from their bedroom, over to the window. “Look, Douglas,” she said. “Snow.”

Douglas looked out of the window and turned to his wife. “You see, Marsha,” he said pointing at the window, “this just proves that the whole global warming thing is fake news, like Trump said. What we should be worried about is getting snow tires for the car.”

(100 words)

Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt. Photo credit: Filip Gielda.

FFfAW — So Much For Global Warming


“It freaking snowed last night,” Jonathan said as he looked out of the kitchen window.

“Get out!” Jeanine, exclaimed. “It never snows around here.” She came over to the window. “Will you look at that? That’s got to be a couple of inches, right?”

“See, Jeanine,” Jonathan said, “the President is right. This whole global warming thing. It’s just a big hoax. How can the the planet be getting hotter if it got cold enough to snow in LA last night?”

Jeanine looked at her husband. “I think you’re confusing weather and climate. Climate change is not just about warming temperatures. It alters weather patterns, which can result in extreme weather events. Heat waves and large storms will become more frequent and more intense. There will be more precipitation, storms, floods, and droughts due to climate change.”

“Woman,” Jonathan said. “You’ve been drinking too much of that liberal Kool Aid lately.”

“Well, Jonathan, maybe you should ask Trump why it snowed here last night. He undoubtably knows more than the climatologists.”

(171 words)

Written for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo credit: Yinglan.

Share Your World — Coffee and Climate


Time for another series of Share Your World questions from Melanie. Here goes:

If you drink coffee, how do you like it best? Hot, cold, iced, with cream, with sugar or black as black?

I do, indeed, drink coffee. Only hot coffee, only black coffee sweetened with one packet of Splenda.91AC3DFE-3D90-4FA1-A8D3-84E94D02B5D9

In your opinion, what’s the greatest invention of our age?

I’m using it to respond to Melanie’s SYW questions: the iPhone.94C25DF7-A8B9-4F49-8EBA-4B671FB8D0AE

Global warming? Reality or myth?

Global warming (aka, climate change) is reality. The Bible is myth.Once upon a time

Are you an explorer or more a home body?

I used to be an explorer back in the day. Now that I’m retired (and old), I’ve become more of a home body.DB8ADFC3-4E20-4196-96B8-FA8D97D53972

What were you grateful for this week?

Hmm. Other than I’m still alive and well (as are my wife, kids, and pets), I can’t honestly think of anything else. But maybe that’s enough.C0CAC0E9-781C-4507-8991-576E84794DFD

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt — Chinese Hoax

img_1548Karen looked at the video of the strange creatures that someone who works with his father at the university had made. “Oh Daddy, they look like little angels. They’re so beautiful.”

“Actually, Karen,” her father said, “these ethereal little sea slugs are commonly called ‘sea angels,’ so you are very smart by saying they look like little angels.”

“Can we have one?” Karen asked. “Can you bring one home from work?”

“I wish I could, sweetheart,” her father responded. “But these little sea angels live in the very cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. If I brought one home, it wouldn’t be able to survive. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“But if they’re angels, won’t God protect them?” Karen asked.

“God does protect them by making them able to survive and thrive in very cold water, her father said. “But now my fellow marine biology scientists need to do everything we can to help God protect the sea angels so they won’t be wiped out due to climate change and global warming.”

“Don’t be silly, Daddy,” Karen said. “Climate change is not real.”

“Of course it’s real, honey,” her father said. “Why would you think it’s not?”

“Because President Trump said global warming is a Chinese hoax,” Karen said.

“Sweetie,” her father said, “he may be president but he’s notorious for spewing fake news.”

Written for today’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt and for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) where the word is “notorious.”