MLMM — Making Sense of Nonsense

28e02038-5d27-4a55-ab5c-2f4ca1aa27a5.png“What’s that contraption?” Amy asked her father.

“This?” Alex said. “It’s my latest invention, sweetie. It’s a woklecockle.”

“A woklecockle? That’s a weird name. What does it do?”

“What does it do? Can’t you tell by looking at it?”

“Actually, no, Daddy, I can’t.”

“Well, sweetie,” Alex said, “Once I power up my woklecockle, it creates a powerful force field that lights up that receiver on the upper left,” he said pointing. “The faster the wheel goes around, the stronger the force field. Ultimately it sends a signal to a communications satellite that is circling the globe. Once the connection with the satellite has been established, the satellite beams down signals to all of the strategically placed dishes on the device.”

“And then what?” Amy asked.

“And then I send the signals to my TV so that I can binge watch “Game of Thrones” for free, sweetie,” Alex said, proudly.

“But why do you call it woklecockle?”

“Because DirecTV was already taken.”

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver Making Sense of Nonsense prompt, where we’re asked to write a story in which we describe our meaning of the word “woklecockle.” Also for Swimmers One-Word Prompt (satellite).

The Big Picture

EF3FBD49-1982-467F-8A99-AF5FD438A708The explosion that followed the crash was loud and destructive. “Goddammit, Jake. I told you it was a trap,” Ed said, looking at the image on the monitor.

“I know,” said Jake. “I kinda thought it might have been a trap. But I was under a lot of pressure, you know.”

“You put your men in harm’s way because you were feeling pressured?” Ed said. “This is not a game, Jake. You need to think big picture, you need to keep your eye on the horizon, to look beyond what’s right in front of you, to stay three or four steps ahead of the enemy, dammit.”

Jake threw down the controller and got up from the sofa. “This is a game, Ed. It’s a fucking video game, for crissake, he said. “It’s not life or death. No one was actually injured or killed. It’s all a fantasy.”

“Sheesh, Jake,” Ed said, “you have no imagination whatsoever. Fine, I’m going to watch ‘Game of Thrones.’ Can you toss me a beer from the fridge?”

Written for these one-word prompts: Wacky Weekend Challenge (explosion), Ragtag Daily Prompt (crash), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (trap), Scotts Daily Prompt (pressure), Your Daily Word Prompt (horizon), and Word of the Day Challenge (imagination).