The Quest — A Multi-Prompt Tale

11d6c3ff-1c24-4dc1-9ea0-251f1622f5dc.jpegWanna start a cult?” her best friend asked her. Sara was looking for an answer to a question she didn’t even realize she had. All she knew was that something was missing from her life, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. So when a friend of hers suggested that she start a cult with others who also had unanswered questions, she readily agreed. However, she soon discovered that the answer she was seeking was unlike any answers the other cult members were trying to find.

Sara left the cult and shared her experience with a different friend who suggested that Sara seek her answer at the church. So Sara decided to give it a try and she went to talk with her friend’s priest.FFA3EB75-516D-4E66-8AA7-4D7389B4BBEF Unfortunately, the rigid formality of the place suffocated her.

Frustrated, Sara began to look elsewhere for her answer. Yet another friend told her about her amazing guru, suggesting that he might help Sara find the answer she was seeking. And so Sara went to visit the guru.DE81941B-C1F2-4079-9426-2506FE951F60Sadly, her experience with him was also disappointing. She felt no closer to her answer than she had before her quest began.

Desperate to find her answer, she sought out a fortune teller she found on Craigslist. The woman asked Sara what answer she was hoping to find. Sara said, “Whatever is missing.”45BD981B-52A6-429B-972C-B631D4F3C4A9The fortune teller simply said, “Look inside your soul, my dear girl. It’s there alone where you will find the answer to your quest.”

(250 words)

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday prompt. Also for Rachel Poli’s Time To Write Prompt, and for Kristian’s 50 Word Thursday prompt.

The Powers of the Parchment

D9738714-A671-4FA6-87E3-40456C31B280“Wait,” Sarah said. She moved over to her dresser, opened a small velvet box, removed what appeared to be a gold necklace with a small charm hanging from it, and placed it around her neck.

“What’s that?” Hal asked as she climbed in bed.

“You know that fertility expert I’ve been consulting with?” Sarah asked.

“You mean that Gypsy fortune teller?”

“Stop, she’s not a fortune teller,” Sarah said. “She just has her ways.”

“Right,” Hal said sarcastically. “So did she give you that necklace?”

“Yes, she made it specifically for me, for us,” Sarah explained. “It has a small parchment inside the amulet. She said it will help us get pregnant.”

“And you believe that?”

“Yes,” Sarah said. “She said it’s based upon a well-known medieval physician, Gilbertus, who believed using a talisman would ensure conception of a child. The talisman she made for me has written words, some uninterpretable, some biblical, on a parchment inside the amulate. She said to hang it around my neck during intercourse.”

“Well, babe, I don’t know if that necklace has any magical powers,” Hal said, “but I say let’s put it through its paces.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “talisman.”

FFfAW — The Visitor


As the visitor waited for his daughter to pick him up at the airport, he received the text from her telling him that she’s running late. She suggested that he cross the street and busy himself at the bazaar until she arrived.

Despite the flow of cars, he managed to make his way to the parking lot that was now hosting the monthly bazaar.

There were many tents, some with food, others with touristy tchotchkes for sale. But he was drawn to the tent with the sign that said “Fortunes Told.”

He pushed aside the beads hanging across the opening of the tent, walked across a plush oriental rug, and sat down in a comfortable chair. A woman in colorful, flowing garb walked out from behind an opaque screen, sat down across from him, and motioned for him to place his hands into hers, which he did.

The fortune teller closed her eyes, leaving the visitor waiting in suspense for her to speak.

“Your ride is here,” she finally said. “That will be $25.”

(174 words)

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge from Priceless Joy. Image credit: Dorothy.