Never-Never Land

firefly-light-2When Jason was a lad, his family would take a week-long vacation every summer where they would camp deep in the woods, away from civilization. Jason loved these camping trips and roughing it in a tent and sleeping bags. But it was the thousands of fireflies that he loved most about these trips. He believed that they were twinkling little fairies lighting up the night sky. He never saw them back in the city where they lived.

His father called them “lightning bugs,” but he preferred his mother’s name for them, “fireflies.” Each year he’d bring a large mason jar to catch the magical insects. His father would poke small holes in the metal top so that the bugs could get some air.

At night, once darkness fell, Jason would be outside and would carefully catch as many fireflies as he could and gently place them into the mason jar. When it was time to got to sleep, he would put the jar next to his head and pretend that the fireflies were little Tinkerbells and he would have a fantasy that he was Peter Pan seeking Never-Never Land with all the Tinkerbells until he fell fast asleep.

Written for the Three Things Challenge from Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith. The three words today are family, fireflies, and fantasy.

And speaking about fireflies….