DWC — Christian Nation

21F63F5B-A29E-4469-AD69-3814332E5215“So what do you wish to declare as your religion?” the customs officer said.” Here in this country, as you know, we offer freedom of religion to all citizens.”

“And what about freedom from religion?” I asked.

“What do you mean by freedom from religion?” he asked.

“I mean that I have no religion to declare,” I responded.

“Are you saying that you have no faith?” he asked, giving me a bewildered look.

“Oh no, that’s not at all what I’m saying,” I said. “I have faith, but not in religion and not in God.”

“So who do you pray to, then?”

“I don’t pray.”

“That’s blasphemous, sir,” the visibly angry officer said.

“Listen, I know I’ve been out of the country for more than a decade and that a lot has changed since then, but our forefathers fought and died so that we could exercise our right to freedom of religion, including the right not to practice any religion at all, without interference from the government,” I said. “Are you telling me that their fight for that freedom was in vain, that it means nothing anymore?”

“I’m telling you,” he said, “that after the revolution of 2023, when the Constitution II was ratified two years later, our country was declared to be a Christian Nation, and while some minor non-Christian religions are still tolerated, agnosticism and atheism are against the law and against the natural order.

I looked at him and said, “So I cannot return to my country unless I declare my religion to be Christian?”

“Yes,” he said. “The official state religion is Christianity and you are free to declare yourself to be a member any of the approved Christian sects. That is the blessing bestowed upon us by the Supreme Leader of Trumplandia, Queen Ivanka.”

Written for yesterday’s Daily Writing Challenge from Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith. The three words to use are faith, fight, and freedom. And yes, I know I’m a day late, but I had things to do, places to go, and people to see yesterday.

Friday Fictioneers — Mirror Mirror


Mirror mirror in the yard
Tell me why I must work so hard

I work all day and into the night
But I never see an end in sight

What must I do to make ends meet
What steps can I take the odds to beat

Tell me how to get my life on track
So I can move my family from this shack

I don’t foresee an end to my plight
There’s little left in me with which to fight

Mirror mirror tell me what I can do
To refresh my life and start anew

(96 words)

This sad, little excuse for a poem was written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Nathan Sowers.

I Hate When That Happens

4A889342-0B4B-4113-AD65-A816F4FD0BE8I wrote a post earlier in response to today’s one-word prompt, “underdog.” When I first started the post, I was going to use the idiom, “no dog in the race,” but when I looked at it on my draft after typing the words, it didn’t look right. So I Googled it.

Sure enough, the actual expression is “no dog in the fight.” I’m not a fan of dog fighting, so I didn’t want to use that. I suppose I could have used “no dog in the hunt,” which is related to fox hunting, but I’m not a fan of that “sport” either.

So I finally settled on “no horse in the race.” But when I changed the text from “no dog in the race” to “no horse in the race,” I actually typed “no race in the race.”

One would think that, after proofreading the draft multiple times before hitting “Publish,” I would have caught that error and corrected it. But while my eyes read “no race in the race,” my brain saw what it thought I typed, which was “no horse in the race.”

So there was my error for the whole world to see. Well, that infinitesimally small fraction of the whole world that reads my blog, anyway. And I didn’t yet realize it until my blogging buddy, Jim Adams over at A Unique Title For Me, read my post and commented, “Change the first race to horse.” Thanks Jim. I made that change and I do appreciate you pointing it out.

But I still don’t feel better about having made that error in the first place and then not catching it myself while proofreading. I really need to do a better job of proofreading my posts before pushing them out.

And yes, I’m a bit OCD about this. What can I say, except that I will try to do better.