One-Liner Wednesday — Truthiness

“May you only hear from others what you’ve already been telling yourself.”

President Donald J. Trump

Okay, I lied. As much as that sounds like something Donald Trump would say, he didn’t say it. The quote came from Jordan Klepper, comedian and host of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, a show on Comedy Central, which, sadly, was just canceled.39BC413A-F482-495E-B48B-8703064A11C8But doesn’t wanting to hear only what he already believes sound like Trump’s modus operandi? He labels anything he doesn’t like as “fake news” and calls those journalists who don’t write positive things about him “enemies of the American people.”

Unfortunately, only wanting to hear from others what you’ve already been telling yourself is not unique to Donald Trump and Jordan Klepper. And it doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re on the left or the right. We are such a divided nation right now that most of us tend to read, watch, or listen to whatever it is that reinforces our own partisan positions.

I refuse to watch Fox News. I only rarely watch CNN. I get most of my news from MSNBC. Why? Because they tell me what I am more receptive to hearing and more likely to accept.

About a dozen or so years ago, Stephen Colbert coined the word “truthiness.” Truthiness is the quality of seeming to be true based upon one’s intuition, opinion, or perception without regard to logic or factual evidence. It’s when someone feels, believes, or wishes that something is true even when it is not supported by the facts.

Truthiness is very similar to a concept espoused by comedian Bill Maher when he says, “I don’t know it for a fact…I just know it’s true.”

So fess up, people. How many of you really only want to hear from others what you’ve already been telling yourself?

Come on. It’s America’s birthday. Stand and be counted!

Written for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt — Chinese Hoax

img_1548Karen looked at the video of the strange creatures that someone who works with his father at the university had made. “Oh Daddy, they look like little angels. They’re so beautiful.”

“Actually, Karen,” her father said, “these ethereal little sea slugs are commonly called ‘sea angels,’ so you are very smart by saying they look like little angels.”

“Can we have one?” Karen asked. “Can you bring one home from work?”

“I wish I could, sweetheart,” her father responded. “But these little sea angels live in the very cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. If I brought one home, it wouldn’t be able to survive. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“But if they’re angels, won’t God protect them?” Karen asked.

“God does protect them by making them able to survive and thrive in very cold water, her father said. “But now my fellow marine biology scientists need to do everything we can to help God protect the sea angels so they won’t be wiped out due to climate change and global warming.”

“Don’t be silly, Daddy,” Karen said. “Climate change is not real.”

“Of course it’s real, honey,” her father said. “Why would you think it’s not?”

“Because President Trump said global warming is a Chinese hoax,” Karen said.

“Sweetie,” her father said, “he may be president but he’s notorious for spewing fake news.”

Written for today’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt and for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) where the word is “notorious.”

I Stand Corrected

AA7BD683-988A-47C5-B659-8BDE8CF14FE6I sincerely and humbly apologize. I am guilty of having passed fake news on to all who read this post of mine yesterday.

In that post, I wrote that televangelist Jim Bakker claimed that the reason Donald Trump was in a hotel room all alone with Stormy Daniels was because he was sharing with her how Jesus Christ had changed his life and how Jesus could also save her from her sins as a porn star.

Last night, I was in bed and couldn’t stop thinking about that story and how it truly seemed to be beyond belief. Well, it turns out that it was, indeed, beyond belief. I went to the website and learned, much to my chagrin, that the story was a complete fabrication.

My source for that “news” that I posted about was an article in The Babylon Bee. I have since discovered that The Babylon Bee is a satirical evangelical Christian website that is known (although not by me) for its over-the-top fake stories about pastors, politicians, and celebrities.

And now I feel awful about having posted what turned out to be total bullshit.

I do hope that my credibility with you, my readers, hasn’t been completely destroyed and I am asking — no begging — for your forgiveness for having uncritically passed on what I should have recognized as satire.

#JusJoJan — The Revolution Has Started

D3947AEF-60FE-4243-A3E6-0379CF37E68CShe was probably the least likely person to emerge as a leader of the revolt. She was an older woman in her late sixties. She had never been politically active. Apathetic is probably the best word to have described her attitude toward politics. Yes, she voted, but it was pretty much a straight party-line vote.

So what changed? What prompted her to become an activist? What triggered her to take up arms and join the resistance?

First it was when the President and his political cronies in Congress said that the huge increase in the defense budget, along with the cost of the border wall, would require that social welfare programs, like Social Security and Medicare, be defunded. She lost her primary source of income and her health care coverage.

That was bad enough, but then the President began shutting down what he called “the fake news” media and started arresting and imprisoning journalists and even bloggers who were critical of him and his administration.

But the final straw was when the President signed two Executive Orders, one naming Christianity as the country’s official religion and forbidding the practice of all other religions, and the other declaring that performing or having abortions would be illegal, with the threat of jail for both doctors who performed such procedures and women who had them.

And that was when she had had enough. That was when she decided that the revolution must begin.

Written for today’s Just Jot It January prompt from Linda G. Hill. Today’s word, “revolt,” was suggested by Sandra, of What Sandra Thinks.

The Silent Majority

Back in the 1960s — and yes, I was alive back then — the phrase “The Silent Majority” was coined by none other than then-POTUS, Richard M. Nixon. He used it in a speech to express his belief that the great body of Americans supported his policies and that those who demonstrated against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War amounted to only a noisy minority.

In his speech on November 3, 1969, Nixon said, “And so tonight — to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans — I ask for your support.”

I, of course, was a member of the noisy minority.

In the 60s, there was no such thing as the internet. There was no Twitter, no Facebook, no Fox News. People got their news from newspapers, magazines, and local and national news broadcasts on TV and radio, and not from myriad talking heads on 24×7 cable news channels or from the news feed on their smartphones.

Today, for better or worse, there’s no such thing anymore as a silent majority. Majority or minority, everyone is noisy.

There’s only real news and fake news. Real news is news you agree with. Anything else is fake news. Facts and truth don’t seem to matter in an age where the leader of the free world constantly lies to the public.

Everything and everyone is partisan these days and most are not shy about expressing their opinions, especially when it can be so easily done behind the anonymity of the internet, where people somehow feel free to say things they would be reluctant to say in face-to-face conversations.

Donald Trump was not elected by a majority of Americans. He doesn’t represent the views, interests, or needs of the majority of Americans.

The actions of the Republicans in Congress also do not represent the wishes and hopes of the majority of Americans. They are puppets of the rich donors. Most polls say that around 70% of Americans are opposed to the tax bill the Republicans will likely pass next week and send over to the President to be signed into law. But large corporations and the ultra rich GOP donors are salivating.

Most Americans believe that Trump has been complicit with the Russians during last year’s campaign…and still is. Most Americans believe that Trump is guilty of obstructing the investigation into Russia’s role in the elections and his participation.

The real American majority is becoming more and more vocal. There will be a reckoning coming in 2018, where the vocal, noisy majority of Americans who oppose Trump will be heard and will drown out the minority who somehow still support their con man-in-chief.

I just hope that there will be no bloodshed when that reckoning happens.

This rant was written for today’s one-word prompt, “silent.”