FFfPP — The Engagement Ring


“I am riddled with guilt,” Dennis said. Amanda and Dennis were sitting at the white wrought iron table in the field of purple blossoms located behind the main house at her family’s farm. It was a beautiful summer day and Amanda was in a great frame of mine.

She looked up at Dennis. They had gotten engaged in February and the wedding was scheduled for late September. “What on earth do you have to feel guilty about, sweetheart?” she asked Dennis.

“I’m so sorry, babe,” Dennis said, tears welling up in his eyes. “I cheated on you and I can’t live with myself.”

“What! When? With whom?”

“With your cousin Carol,” Dennis confessed, “after your sister’s sweet sixteen party. Can you ever forgive me?”

Amanda jumped up, causing her chair to fall over. “Get out of my sight!” she screamed. “My cousin? Oh my God! Get out! I never want to see you again. GET OUT!” Amanda pulled the diamond engagement ring Dennis had given her and threw it as far as she could into the field.

After Dennis left, Amanda said, “Oh shit,” and ran in the direction she had tossed the ring hoping she could find it.

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner from Roger Shipp. Photo credit: GaborfromHungary at Morguefile.com.

#writephoto — Begging The Question

EBC05E5D-AC73-482D-81AE-D6B8378C67EC“You know,” Andy said as they were standing on the edge of the outcropping looking out at a beautiful orange sunset, “I was smitten from moment I first laid eyes on you.”

“Aw, what a lovely thing to say,” Arlene responded. “I admit that I was taken with you, as well.”

“Hard to believe that was nearly six months ago, isn’t it?” Andy said. “My passion for you hasn’t subsided at all. And that first time we were intimate, oh my.”

“Yes,” Arlene said with a sigh. “that memory is a durable one, that’s for sure.”

Suddenly dropping to one knee, Andy pulled out a small, blue velvet box from his pocket. Opening it and exposing a diamond engagement ring, he said, “Arlene, you are the love of my life. On this Valentine’s Day, I’d be honored if you would agree to be my wife so that we can spend the rest of our lives together in holy matrimony.”

“Um, no,” Arlene said matter of factly.

“No? What do you mean no?” a shocked Andy asked. “Don’t you love me?”

“I do like you, Andy” Arlene said. “I like you a lot.”

“So what’s the problem, then,” Andy asked. “Why are you saying no to my marriage proposal?”

“You’re a very nice man, Andy,” Arlene said. “And as I said, I do like you. But do you remember when I said that the memory of the first time we had sex was a durable one?”

“Yeah, you just said that.”

“Well, Andy,” Arlene said, “what made that memory so durable was how bad you were. I was hoping, Andy, that with my help, your, um, bedside manner, so to speak, would have gotten better. I’ve invested almost six months trying to make you a better lover, but to no avail.”

“Sheesh, Arlene, if that’s how you feel, why didn’t you say anything before now?”

“Oh my dear Andy,” Arlene said, “I tried so many times and in so many ways, but you never picked up on it. Face it, Andy, you’re a selfish lover. You’re only interested in meeting your own needs and you don’t seem to care about meeting the needs of your partner.”

“And you chose this evening, Valentine’s Day, of all times, to tell me that?”

“You chose Valentine’s Day to beg the question, Andy.”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Also for these one-word prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (smitten), Your Daily Word Promt (passion), Ragtag Daily Prompt (intimate), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (durable).

100WW — Holiday Cheer

“Those drinks look absolutely delicious,” Ralph said. “You went all out this year.”

“Yes, I wanted this year’s Christmas gathering to be special,” Linda said. “After all, It’s official now.” She held up her left hand, showing him her engagement ring.

Ralph sighed. “I’m so happy for you and Michael,” he said. “You deserve one another.”

Linda excused herself. “I’ll be right back.” When she returned with Michael, she said, “Michael, this is Ralph, my ex.”

“A toast,” Ralph said, handing Michael a drink.

Michael took a sip, turned blue, fell to the floor, and died.

“Happy Holidays,” Ralph said.

(100 words)

Written for today’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl. Photo by Brooke Lark.