Day 7 — Fun, Fun, Fun

img_3121I’m cheating today, I admit it. You see, today’s prompt for the 30-Day Song Challenge is “a  song to drive to.”

As I thought about this, I recalled that not that long ago, for one of Helen Vahdati’s Song Lyric Sunday prompts, I used The Beach Boys song “Fun Fun Fun.” You know, the one that goes, “And she’ll have fun fun fun / ‘Til her daddy takes the T-Bird away.”

I think “Fun Fun Fun” is a great song to drive to. So rather than trying to come up with a different song for today’s song challenge, I thought I would just link to that aforementioned post here.

But if you don’t want to take the time to click on the link and read that post, here’s the song, which I know you’ll agree is a great song to drive to.

Friday Fictioneers — By Land or By Sea

737F6A92-D362-43E6-9F16-018AC121A80E“So do you want to drive or take the ferry?” Jack asked his wife. “I think it will be quicker to drive,” he added.

“Oh, let’s take the ferry,” Susan said. “There’s no rush, you know. And it’s such a delightful night. The moon is full, the water in the bay is calm, and the evening temperature is perfect.”

“I don’t know,” Jack said. “Besides, you know I can get seasick at times.”

“Come on, Jack. It will be very romantic to take the ferry across,” she said, winking at her husband.

“That’s it. We’re driving,” Jack said firmly.

(99 words)

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo by Ted Strutz.