Truthful Tuesday — Food vs Service

Frank, aka PCGuy, has published another one of his Truthful Tuesday posts. This past weekend in the U.S. was Labor Day weekend, and that means a lot of people had a three-day weekend. This week Frank wants to know…

When it comes to dining out, does superb quality of food make up for subpar service, or does stellar service make up for lackluster food?

It’s been at least a year and a half since I actually went to a restaurant and sat down for a meal that was served to me. Most of the restaurant-prepared meals we’ve had since March 2020 have been either take-out or delivery. And given that, the quality of the food is the only measure we use when evaluating a restaurant.

Thinking back to the Before Days, when we would often go out to eat at a restaurant, our primary reason for dining out at a restaurant was for the food. I agree that poor service can diminish the dining experience no matter how good the food. But stellar service does not make up for a poorly prepared meal or for food that tastes sub-par.

So, in summary, it’s all about the food

Two Birds, One Stone

Today I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. No offense to birds or to bird lovers. It’s just an expression, so get over it.

Anyway, Dr. Tanya offered us her 5 Things prompt and it’s all about potatoes. And Frank has given us his Truthful Tuesday post, which is about eating. So, since potatoes are made for eating, I have decided to write one post in response to these two prompts.

Let’s start with Dr.Tanya’s 5 things.5 Things

She wants to know our five favorite ways to eat potatoes.

  • Baked with butter and sour cream
  • French fries with ketchup (or sometimes beef gravy if available)
  • Mashed with butter (or sometimes beef gravy if available)
  • Tater Tots
  • Hash browns
  • Home fries

Okay, that’s six. Sue me.

And now for Frank’s questions about our eating habits.Frank wants to know our truthful answers to:

Are you an adventurous eater, or do you prefer to play it safe when you’re feeling peckish?

I don’t know that “adventurous eater” is the right way to describe me, but I do like to eat a lot of things other people might not appreciate. Sushi (raw fish), for example. Or raw clams and oysters on the half shell. Octopus and squid. And, of course, Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream.

Do you prefer dining in or dining out?

Dining out? I’m sorry, can you remind me again what dining out is?

When you dine in, who does the cooking?

If I want to eat something that tastes good and is healthy, my wife cooks.

When you dine out, do you tend to stick to places you know, or do you look for new places to try?

Back in the Before Days, when dining out was an option, I could always be on board for trying a new restaurant. That said, I could also be up for going back to a place where I knew the food was good.