FFfAW — Earthling Encounter


“I see life forms,” said one of the beings. “We must approach them slowly and carefully so as not to frighten them.” As they moved closer to the life forms, the life forms did not move or run away in panic.

Once in front of the first one, the elder being said, “We come in peace, earthling. We wish to bestow upon you our friendship and our wisdom.”

The earthling did not move. “Do you have your translator set to the right language?” one of the other beings asked the elder.

“Yes,” the elder responded. “According to the navigation program, we are in the land of Iowa and the language is English.”

“Why is this life form unresponsive?” asked another being.

“I don’t know.” He then reached out a long, thin tentacle and poked the life form, which toppled to the ground.

“We must go back to the ship,” said the other being. “We have already terminated life form. “The Dear Leader will not be pleased.”

(167 words)

Another twofer written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers from Priceless Joy and for today’s one-word prompt, “bestow.” Photo Credit: Ellespeth

The Fourth Reich


I don’t remember the exact question, but I do remember the exact answer:

“I think that’s a ridiculous and outrageous claim and doesn’t dignify a response from this podium.”

That was White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responding to a question at a recent White House briefing. A reporter asked Sanders about some harsh comments made about Donald Trump by Republican Senator Bob Corker.

The clear message to the press from the White House, via its press secretary, is that all criticism of the president is out of bounds. If you can’t ask something nice, don’t ask anything at all. Because it’s apparently un-America and unpatriotic to ask questions that in any way cast shade upon POTUS-45. Such questions are apparently not deserving of answers.

The lesson to be learned is that in today’s America, we must revere our Dear Leader and accept his will without question.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “dignify.”