Know When to Fold ‘Em

460fa1dd-693c-4cad-bafa-677cf4b1b18d“Two pair, aces and tens,” Jake announced, throwing his cards on the table. He started to reach for all of the chips piled in the center of the table.

“Hold on there, buckaroo,” Sam said. With a huge, shit-eating grin on his face, he showed his hand. “Full house, queens high,” he said. And then Sam scooped up the pile of chips.

“You are a lucky bastard,” Jake said in a bitter tone. “You spend your pitiful, insignificant life doing nothing, yet here you are waltzing your way through this poker game, like you always seem to do.”

“What are you getting so frosted about, buddy?” Sam said. “I’ve never seen you be such a sore loser. Let me give you the benefit of the wisdom of Kenny Rogers, you got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.”

“Bite me, Sam,” Jake said, and stormed out of the room.

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (pair), Your Daily Word Prompt (insignificant), Word of the Day Challenge (waltzing), Ragtag Daily Prompt (frosted), and Daily Addictions (benefit).

Plummeting Approval Ratings

994cafa9-7d21-421e-9e35-cf1ea7f639f8“I don’t understand why my approval rating is plummeting,” the President said. “I’ve accomplished more in my first two years than all other presidents combined.”

“It’s the government shutdown, sir,” Jared said. “People aren’t happy about that and they blame you.”

“Blame me? It’s the Democrats’ fault. They don’t want to give me my wall. I want my wall. I’m determined to get my wall,” POTUS said.

“The truth is, Mr. President,” Sarah said, “that most Americans are against the wall. The polls show….”

“The polls?” Trump interrupted. “What do the polls know? Didn’t the polls forecast that I’d lose bigly to Crooked Hillary? And yet my victory was the biggest landslide in presidential election history. Isn’t that right, Ivanka?”

“Yes, Daddy. It was marvelous, just like my line  shoes, purses, and jewelry.”

“Exactly,” POTUS said with a smile. “We have to do something big. I can’t just float around like a piece of fucking driftwood, you know. I’m a star, we need to grab this thing like I grab women’s pussies, dammit.”

“I know,” said Mick Mulvaney. “Let’s end the shutdown, Mr. President. You’ll be hailed as a hero, sir.”

“Fuhgedabboudit!” Trump shouted. “I know. Let’s rent a large arena and stage a giant rally. No wait, a yuge stadium. It will be broadcast across all the networks. Millions will watch me. Then all those stupid suckers will love me again. The best president ever.

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (combine), Fandango’s One-WordPress Challenge (determined), Ragtag Daily Prompt (forecast), Your Daily Word Prompt (marvelous), Michael’s Writing Prompts (driftwood), and Daily Addictions (arena).


f49e5d99-0189-420a-898b-8c7cf547e3ef“What do you think of this place?” Malcolm, the real estate broker, asked the couple.

“I don’t like the neighborhood, Malcolm,” Alice said. “There was a vagrant man who was urinating in the alley around the corner. Just the memory of seeing that is haunting me.”

“It’s a neighborhood in transition,” Malcolm admitted. He then turned to Jesse. “What was your impression?”

“I think this place has a lot of issues,” Jesse said. “First of all, all that slime in that one corner of the basement makes me think that there are some water leakage woes that would need to be addressed.”

“We can get a contractor in to give you an estimate for that,” Malcolm suggested. “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Jesse responded. “I’m the cook in the family, and this house has an electric range. That’s a deal breaker. I cook only with gas.”

“I can find out what it will cost to put in a gas line,” Malcom said.

“Can you show us something in a better neighborhood that is more turnkey?” Alice asked.

Malcolm sighed, wondering to himself why he chose to work in real estate. “Sure,” Malcolm said. “But if you don’t want a fixer-upper in a transitional neighborhood, you’re going to have to at least double your budget.”

Written for these daily prompts: Michael’s Writing Prompts (Malcolm), Ragtag Daily Prompt (vagrant), Word of the Day Challenge (haunting), Your Daily Word Prompt (slime), Daily Addictions (woe), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (range).

100WW — The Hoarder’s Library

a18071b7-0f17-4ed0-9b82-6c0491efa231He was a loner, infrequently leaving his home. Social interactions, even with his own family, were rare.

They knew he was a voracious reader and suspected that he was a bit of a hoarder. But it wasn’t until after his passing that they could understand how extreme his isolation was.

He had immersed himself in his books and had taken copious notes in each one, supporting the theory that he actually read them all.

But now he was gone and the time had come for his surviving relatives to clean out the contents and sell the old house.

(99 words)

Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt. Photo credit: Darwin Vehger. Also for these prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (extreme), Ragtag Daily Prompt (immerse), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (copious), and Daily Addictions (theory).

Swiped Right

8faae92c-696d-45ec-a856-946070bb6707“My dream,” Allison said, “has always been to live in a beautiful Italian estate with marble floors, thick plaster walls, stained glass windows, and with stunning baroque ceiling frescoes derivative of Michelangelo’s at the Sistine Chapel.”

“I see,” Justin responded. He was sitting across from her at a Starbucks, where they had agreed to meet. He tried to conceal his eye-roll from his date.

“What about you, Justin?” Allison asked. “If you could live anywhere, what kind of place would you choose?”

“My tastes are, I believe, a little more modest than yours apparently are,” Justin said. “I would prefer a rustic log cabin in the mountains, one next to an idyllic babbling brook. It would have a large great room with an enormous stone fireplace, in front of which would be a real bear-skin rug. I would be the only resident on that part of the mountain.”

Allison looked at Justin with total disbelief. “Have I fallen into madness or something?” she said. “Based upon your profile on the dating site, we’re supposed to be totally compatible. But a log cabin on a mountain? Seriously?”

In your profile, Allison,” Justin said, “you said you were ‘down to earth.’ What you described as your dream abode is anything but down to earth. I’m now convince that I should have swiped left.” Justin stood up and walked out of the Starbucks shaking his head.

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (dream), Ragtag Daily Prompt (marble), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (plaster), Your Daily Word Prompt (derivative), Daily Addictions (resident), and Michael’s Writing Prompts (into madness).