Our Cheerless Leader

B9A3601A-52EF-4457-B94F-FAE7657538E3Yes, our Cheerless Leader apparently feels that satirical comedy, especially when it satirizes him, is unfair and should not be legal.

This goes way beyond being thin-skinned. It’s conclusive proof that Donald Trump wants to negate the First Amendment, to control the free press, and to suppress all criticism.

He wants to be a dictator.

#FOWC — Mission Accomplice

img_1781Donald Trump has managed to make both the Republican majority in Congress and the swamp creatures he calls his Cabinet members complicit in his mission to undermine everything the United States has stood for since the Declaration of Independence was signed 242 years ago.

What Donald Trump doesn’t realize — or maybe he does and just doesn’t care — is that he is Putin’s unwitting accomplice in the Russian autocrat’s drive to bring down America and to make Russia great again. And relevant again. Putin realizes that he cannot destroy America from the outside, so he has recruited an oblivious Donald Trump to help him destroy the country from within.

And the thin-skinned con artist from the Big Apple has acceded to Putin’s flattery and is tearing apart the diverse tapestry that makes America the great country that it is. Or that it has been, anyway.

There is little solace to be taken in this dire situation, even with the upcoming midterm elections coming up in November. Who knows if the so-called “blue wave” will actually materialize or will be of sufficient magnitude to actually turn the tide on this sad and tragic comedy that is Donald Trump.

Unless something radical happens soon, it will be too late to stop Trump from becoming the American Putin and from the United States from becoming the world’s newest autocracy.

For some excellent insight into how the principals on which our country has stood for have come undone, I strongly suggest you read this post from Judy Dykstra-Brown.

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are tapestry, comedy, and Big Apple. Also for the Word of the Day Challenge, “solace,” and for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “accomplice.”