JusJoJan — Cathartic

1e632a9f-35bc-4771-b41d-820263a37144For today’s Just Jot It January prompt from Linda G. Hill, the word “cathartic” was suggested by The Enthralling Journey.

“Cathartic” is defined as “providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.” And catharsis is defined as “the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music.”

Now that we have our definitions out of the way, for me, blogging is cathartic. In these very troubling times — thank you Donald Trump and all of your lily-livered Republican congressional sycophants — blogging has kept me sane. The act of writing posts for my blog does, indeed, relieve strong emotional tensions. By giving me a vehicle to express my anger, frustration, and antipathy, I am experiencing a critical and much-needed psychological release.

I can also use the half a dozen or so daily, one-word prompts to challenge me to knit together random words into a cohesive piece of flash fiction, thereby diverting my attention from the chaos and lunacy of Donald Trump and his associates and distracting me, albeit only temporarily, from all of the terrible, horrible, malevolent, malicious, dangerous, moronic, insane, and damaging things he says and does every goddam day.

Phew, it felt really good to write that. Very cathartic, in fact.