Of Butterflies and Dominoes

80b12a64-25f0-4ea4-85f8-636ce3e84fa1Sadje, over at Keep It Alive, was nominated for her third Mystery Blogger Award. She was kind enough to nominate my blog, along with ten others, for the award. So thank you, Sadje. I am honored and humbled.

Those of you who follow my blog know that I really appreciate being nominated for blog awards, but I don’t follow all the rules. That said, I’m very happy to answer the questions posed by the blogger who nominated me. So here goes.

If life offered a redo, what part of it will you want to change?

I subscribe to the butterfly effect and the domino theory, where one very small action can potentially have far-reaching and possibly unanticipated consequences. Therefore, I’d probably decline the redo offer for fear that the consequences of that redo would totally alter the course of my life. And, overall, I’m happy with my life as it is.

Can you remember what was the one thing you hated about school?

I never actually hated anything about school. There were courses I wasn’t particularly good at (math), but I honestly never hated school.

Growing up, what was your dream profession/job?

f61e6ee9-9b21-4fdf-8aeb-1c5a6359483bI wanted to be a DJ (disk jockey). I was always told I had a DJ-like voice. While in college, I even auditioned for and got a job hosting a midnight to six a.m. AM top-40 radio station. I enjoyed the job, but I had a hard time staying awake for classes after spinning records all night long. So I finally had to quit. Oh well, another dream shattered. (And no, that’s not me in the picture above.)

If you met your English teacher today, what would be her opinion about your blog?

I had a lot of English teachers in school. Some loved my writing. Others not so much. I imagine their reactions to my blog would be similar.

Would you rather be the frog prince/ princess or the ugly duckling?

Once a frog, always a frog. But an ugly duckling can evolve into a swan. So I’ll go with ugly duckling.

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt — What Could Have Been

9FDBF731-C65B-4D71-B659-458DD8A49BF2It seemed like such a simple decision. Two job offers. One would enable me to stay local. The other would require relocating to the other coast. Both jobs offers were good ones. So it was a matter of do I stay or do I go.

I had spent my entire life — from birth through college — in the same town. So I made the decision to take the more adventuresome route and to relocate. I packed up all of my meager possessions, said farewell to family and friends, and headed across the country to start my next chapter.

My biggest regret, though, was leaving Wendy behind. She and I had been the best of friends since we were little and our relationship turned romantic during the summer after we graduated from high school. We were almost inseparable during our college years and everyone, including both of us, was sure that we’d eventually marry.

But when I had to make my job choice, Wendy’s father was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer and she would not leave his side. She didn’t want to hold me back or stand in the way of my dreams, so we agreed that I would take the job, relocate, and she would join me as soon as she could.

As they say, “the best laid plans.” Within six months of when I left town, Wendy’s father passed. But by the time Wendy was ready to come be with me, I had met someone new. She was not the homespun, girl-next-door type that Wendy was. She was wild, exotic, erotic. I was smitten. And then she got pregnant.

Wendy’s heart was broken when I told her I was a baby daddy and that I felt I had to do the right thing and marry the girl. I told her that I hoped we could still be friends, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She said she never wanted to see or hear from me again.

My new wife and I ended up having two more kids before she decided to be wild, exotic, erotic with some other guy. I got full custody of our three kids after the divorce. They’ve all grown up now and are out on their own.

Last month I got a call from one of my old high school buddies. He told me that Wendy had succumbed to the flu. I was devastated.

Now I’m a lonely old man who spends most of my time living with my memories and in thoughts of what could have been had I decided to take the job close to home and make a life together with Wendy.

Written for Butterfly Effect on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt asks us to envision an alternate version of yourself whose life veers off course due to a single decision made at some point in your life.

#MicroMondays — A Life of Their Own

85608B1A-3072-4ED0-B3AA-F8F766A2B744“I was somewhat taken aback by the response to my post,” Edgar said. “Then I started thinking about the butterfly effect.”

“How so?” asked George.

“I read the comments on my post and the comments on the comments. They seemed to take on a life of their own, following different threads, heading in unexpected, unanticipated directions,” Edgar said.

“I see,” George yawned.

Written for this week’s #MicroMondays prompt. The 62 word story must use the above prompt verbatim, including the prompt, “Then I started thinking about the butterfly effect.”