100 Word Wednesday — Notions

img_1776“Aw, Ma, do I have to?” Jenny whined.

“Yes you do,” Arlene said. “You’re too young for me to leave you here by yourself and I promise it won’t take long.”

“Where are we going?” Jenny asked, arms folded defiantly across her chest.

“The notions store,” Arlene answered.

“What are notions?”

“They are things like pins, cotton, ribbon, and similar items for sewing,”Arlene explained.

“That is so boring,” Jenny said.

“How about this,” Arlene said. “When we come back I’ll teach you how to sew. We can start by sewing a dress for you.”

Jenny smiled. “Cool,” she said.

(100 words)

Written for today’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl.

FFfAW — The Cruise

CEDE7017-62BE-4BA9-B1AC-76FCEDC12B51“I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise ship,” Rebecca whispered to her husband, Kenneth.

Kenneth looked over at his wife. “Why have you never mentioned this before?”

“I don’t know,” Rebecca said, somewhat absently.

Kenneth chuckled. “So why mention it now?” he asked her.

“I was looking at all those people out there on the pier,” Rebecca said. “They’re in line to get their ship’s boarding passes for an ocean cruise they’re all taking. I am excited for them. I wonder what far away places they’ll be sailing to, what amazing sights they’ll be seeing, how much fun they’ll have on their excursions. And that makes me wish that I could go on a cruise, too.”

“You mean that we could go on a cruise, right?” Kenneth asked.

Rebecca turned to Kenneth, reached out for his hands, and with tears welling up in her eyes, she said, “No, Kenneth, not with you.”

“What do you mean not with me?” Kenneth asked, pulling his hands from hers.

“First,” Rebecca said, “you never asked me if I would like to go on a cruise. And second, Kenneth, life with you is tediously boring.”

(193 words)

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt from Priceless Joy. Photo credit: Dorothy.

B is for Baseball

img_0943Great news! The 2018 Major League Baseball season started this past Thursday. And I’m stoked.

Yes, I know. Some of you might suggest that, when it comes to baseball, B should be for boring. A lot of people seem to find watching baseball to be a yawner. Of course, many of these same people love watching golf. Go figure.

Sure, baseball isn’t as brutal as football. It’s not as fast-paced as basketball. It’s not as violent as hockey.

But it’s not at all boring if you take the time to really understand the game. Instead, baseball is a nuanced game. It’s a game of strategy. It’s a game of finesse.

Baseball is high drama — there’s drama with every at bat, with every pitch, every hit, every steal, every play in the field.

What can be more thrilling than a pitcher’s duel? How about a walk-off, game winning hit in the bottom of the ninth? Is there anything more exciting than an inside the park home run or a runner stealing home?

When should the manager pull the pitcher off the mound? Call for a pinch hitter? Put in a pinch runner? Call for a squeeze play or a steal?

It’s been a long winter and I’m so ready for baseball season to commence. So B is for baseball and B is for boom chuckalucka.

I’ll be back tomorrow for my C-post.

Hiding in Plain Sight

319F841E-7408-470A-AC0F-0CFAA1958906To a post that I wrote for the WordPress one-word prompt yesterday, a short, somewhat tongue-in-cheek piece of flash fiction, I received a comment from one of my regular readers (and favorite bloggers), Marilyn Armstrong at Serendipity, who wrote:

“This is one of those times in which I wish there was more of you in this and less verbal play. It’s cute, but where are YOU?”

Marilyn’s comment got me thinking. Marilyn is very open in her excellent blog about who she is in “the real world.” She posts about herself, her husband, her family, her home, her dogs, her work, her play, and the trials, tribulations, and joys of her life. Her blog is very personal and she’s quite forthcoming. And that’s why she has more than 10,000 followers.

My blog’s About page notes upfront that “My real world identity will remain a mystery.” I once had my identity stolen and it took many painful months to get that all straightened out. Consequently, I am perhaps overly guarded about revealing too much about myself, my personal life, and my family, which is why I blog anonymously.

Also on my About page, I reveal that I’m a retired, liberal, practical, and pragmatic septuagenarian. I also admit that I can be a bit cantankerous, as well as somewhat pedantic (i.e., fussy) when it comes to grammar, spelling, and usage.

Now if I wanted to be glib about answering Marilyn’s question about where I am, I could respond by saying that I live in San Francisco with my wife, our dog, and our cat.

But in reality, I’m a boring man, a senior citizen who lives a rather routine, nondescript life. I’m neither particularly inspiring nor especially interesting. Which is why many of my posts on this blog recently are flash fiction pieces in response to various prompts. What goes on inside my imagination is much more fascinating and colorful than what goes on in my real world.

So to answer Marilyn’s question, I’m right here. A piece of me is in every post I write, whether I’m expressing my opinions, sharing my observations, offering my perspectives, or flexing my imagination. This post and my words that you are reading is where I am.

I’m right here…hiding in plain sight.