The Antique Show

D7A1C7F2-DDAE-4E2A-AA73-2E24F03AC833Lady,” the man said, “do you have a permit to set up this booth?”

“A permit?” the woman said. “I set up this booth every year at this antique show and I’ve never needed a permit before.”

“Well, ma’am,” the man said, “there’s a new head of the Park Authority and permits are now required for booths to be set up at the fairgrounds.”

“Why am I just hearing about this now?” she asked.

“The Park Authority transmitted a notice to the show’s organizers two months ago,” he said. “You needed to complete the application and submit it with your $200 fee two weeks ago.”

The woman started crying. “This is just some more of my bad karma,” she sobbed. “I tried so hard to make my booth attractive and spacious and now you’re telling me I have to take it down. I make nearly half of my annual income at this antique show. Does your boss want me to end up on welfare?”

Feeling sorry for the woman, the man said, “Let me talk to my boss. Maybe we can give you an exemption for this year’s show.”

“Oh thank you so much,” the woman said, reaching out and shaking the man’s hand. As he walked away, she thought to herself, “What a sucker!”

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (lady), The Daily Spur (permit), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (authority), Nova’s Daily Random Word (transmitted), Your Daily Word Prompt (karma), Ragtag Daily Prompt (spacious), and Daily Addictions (take).

Sunday Photo Fiction — Just Bagpipes

47315682-8671-48B9-90F7-731F29684E00“Do you sell kilts?” the man asked.

“No, sir, just bagpipes,” the man behind the table responded.

“How about tartan scarves?” another prospective customer asked.

“Just bagpipes, ma’am.”

A man walked up to the proprietor and said, “I’m looking for a Scottish sporran, but I don’t see any on display.”

“That’s because we make and sell bagpipes,” he said, pointing to the banner behind him.

A lady with a perplexed look on her face asked, “Scottish clan tumblers?”

“Sorry, lady, our specialty is bagpipes,” the man answered. “Only bagpipes.”

The next customer explained that he used to have a pewter hip flask with an engraved Scottish piper on it. “I don’t suppose you have one of those, do you?” he asked.

The guy manning the booth finally lost it. He threw down his water bottle and started to shout. “What the fook is wrong with you fooking people? I am a bagpipe maker. I make and sell bagpipes. Not kilts, not scarves, not tumblers, not sporrans, not flasks. Just bagpipes. Only bagpipes. Can’t you fookers read?”

And with that, the guy told everyone to get out of his booth. “I’m done,” he shouted, and started packing up his bagpipes.

(199 words)

Written for Susan Spaulding’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt. Photo credit: C.E. Ayr.

Sunday Photo Fiction — Freak Show

img_2120Marjorie was killing time marching around the large planter in the backyard garden. Henry, her older brother, was transfixed by a strange looking insect crawling on the patio. They were both waiting for their father to take them to the circus.

After a few minutes their father called out to them from the house. “Come on, kids. Let’s go to the circus and see what kind of trouble we can get into.”

Marjorie and Henry scurried into the house and grabbed their things. They loved going to the circus. Henry was a traditionalist and loved sitting under the big top, watching the clowns, the trapeze artists, and the animal trainers. Marjorie, even though still very young, had a strange fascination for the macabre. She was particularly enamored with the more carnival-like freak show tent.

Because Henry was thirteen, his father let him go into the main circus tent on his own. But since Marjorie was not yet four, he accompanied her. She was so excited by all the strange exhibits on display and when they got to a stand that was selling stuffed animals and dolls, she pointed to one doll and asked her father to buy it for her.img_2122

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Written for Sue Spaulding’s Sunday Photo Fiction. Photo credit: James Pyles. And for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge (circus, carnival, and freak show). And for Teresa’s Photo prompt, Worth a Thousand Words. Image credit: Thanks