Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

img_1349I got a notification yesterday from WordPress that I had “registered” for this blog a year ago. Woo hoo!

I guess it took me five days after establishing this blog to publish my first post, Practical Pragmatist. It was posted on May 14, 2017 and it generated all of five views, one like, and not a single comment. A rather auspicious start, right?

And now here it is, almost a year later. This is my 995th post. My posts have received almost 14,000 visitors, more than 36,500 views, 10,765 comments, and my blog has 752 followers. So stat-wise, anyway, not too shabby.

As I reviewed my posts over the past year, I was surprised that I categorized 426 of them as “Flash Fiction.” When I started this blog, I had planned on posting about my observations and perspectives on the world around me. On life, politics, and on society. I really hadn’t planned on writing short pieces of fiction.

In fact, my blog was six weeks old before I posted my first flash fiction post. It was in response to a daily one-word prompt. And that’s when I discovered how much I enjoyed writing short fiction. I also discovered a whole host of flash fiction writing prompts and, as they say, I was off to the races.

But my point for this post is simply to say thanks to all of you who have visited my blog, read my posts, liked what you read, and took the time to comment. And to those of you who follow my blog, thanks, especially to those of you who truly follow it and actually read my posts.

You are a great, diverse, and talented community of bloggers and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

They Love Me in India

Image result for India flag

Just for grins and giggles, I looked over my blog’s stats for July. As expected, most of my views, fully half, came from the United States, my country, ’tis of thee. However, the country where another 28% of my blog’s views last month originated was India. INDIA!

Huh? I did not expect that.

I wanted to see if this was an anomaly, so I checked my stats for August, which, admittedly, is only four days old. What I found was that, so far, 53% of my views came from my home country, but 26% were, again, from India.


I figured that, outside of the US, most of my views would be from other English speaking countries like the UK, Australia, or Canada. But no. In July, only 7.6% were from the UK, 4.4% from Australia, and less than 1% from Canada.

What the hell, Canada? I have more views from Russia than from Canada. (Shh. Don’t tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller.)

It’s pretty much the same so far in August, with 10.9% from the UK, 4.2% from Australia and, again, less than 1% from Canada. Seriously Canada?

If someone from India is reading this post, please help me understand why I have so many readers from India. I’ve never ever been to India and going there is not high on my personal bucket list. So why?

What about all of you? From which countries are you posts getting the most views? Take a look at your WordPress stats. You might be surprised.