Oh Shit!

DEC301FA-5F86-4F5D-93EA-60458A653393It’s been a pretty shitty day today. We have about six rolls of toilet paper in our linen closet. So to be on the safe side, this morning I made a run to get some back up rolls, just in case. I went to two drug stores and three grocery stores and there was not a single roll of toilet paper in sight.

Then, right after getting back from my unsuccessful toilet paper run, I got a call from my bank about “suspicious activity” on my credit card. Sure enough, some evil people have attempted to use my name and credit card number to pay for Netflix and to purchase meals at Chipotle, a restaurant I have never been to and never plan to go to, particularly in light of a toilet paper shortage.

So the bank is canceling that credit card and will be sending me a new one with a different account number. What a hassle!

And if that wasn’t enough to ruin my day, I saw an article come across my newsfeed saying that many of Bernie Sanders’ hardcore supporters, also called “Bernie Bros,” are vowing that they will never vote for Joe Biden at the ballot box — even if that means handing Trump a second term.1BBD071C-D3BE-4FE8-9549-849F74C47575Are you fucking kidding me? Bernie, the handwriting is on the wall. You won’t win the nomination, so it’s time to drop out and get your so called Bernie Bros to pull together and support Joe Biden, if for no other reason than to unite the Democrats so that we can rid our country of the scourge of Donald Trump.

Yes, it’s been a pretty shitty day today.

Fandango’s Friday Flashback — February 14

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This was originally posted on February 14, 2016 in my old blog. I posted it a few days after Bernie Sanders soundly beat Hillary Clinton by a margin of more than 22% in the popular vote in the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary. Bernie was declared the winner of this year’s New Hampshire primary this past Tuesday, albeit in a much tighter race. When I reread this post, I realized that I feel the same way now as I did exactly four years ago today.

I Like Bernie Sanders, But….

BernieI really like Bernie Sanders. But I have to say, as a practical and pragmatic individual, I am hoping that he doesn’t earn the nomination as the standard bearer for the Democratic Party in this year’s presidential election.

And now that Bernie achieved a surprising “virtual tie” in Iowa and won big in New Hampshire this past Tuesday, it’s conceivable that he might just end up being the Democratic nominee.

But Is he electable in the general election?

Bernie describes himself as a “Democratic Socialist.” But the words “socialist” and “socialism” in the United States have very negative connotations. In fact, a lot of Americans find the idea of socialism downright scary.

Of course, they’re thinking of the old USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as well as of the classic definition of socialism, which is:

A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Of course, “community” in the concept of national socioeconomic systems, equates to “government.” And the Republican candidates — surprise, surprise — are milking those fears of socialism and “government control” over a wide swath of our society for all they’re worth. They’re claiming that the Democrats in general, and Bernie Sanders in particular, want to turn the United States into a European socialist nation like Sweden or Denmark.

Or, perish the thought, France.

But in truth, Sanders’ version of Democratic Socialism is not your grandfather’s socialism. Sanders’ approach doesn’t favor or promote government ownership of specific industries. It’s actually oriented around stronger regulations and trying to make sure that the private sector works for the benefit of everyone, and not just for a the very wealthy, or the so-called One Percenters.

Yet while I embrace many of his strategies for economic and political reform, I just don’t think the American voting public is ready for Bernie’s brand of Democratic Socialism.

On top of being a self-declared Democratic Socialist, Bernie is a Brooklyn Jew. He says he is not actively practicing his Jewish religion, but is, instead, Jewish by heritage and culture rather than by religious beliefs. Some suggest that he is agnostic, or worse, an atheist.

We’ve never had a Jewish president in this country. We’ve never had a non-Christian, non-religious president in this country, much less someone who is thought to be either agnostic or atheist.

So when it comes to the 2016 general election, not only do I think the American voting public is not ready for “Democratic Socialism,” I don’t think that mostly-Christian America is ready for an agnostic/atheist Jewish Democratic Socialist as president.

I’m just saying….

No Country for Old [White] Men

B7F94077-B4C2-450D-BC5A-2A4255C5B598Election 2020 Joe BidenSorry Bernie. Sorry Joe. Sorry Donald. But the last thing America needs is yet another old white man as president.

But wait, Fandango, aren’t you an old white man?

Guilty as charged. Yes, I am, in fact, old, white, and a man. And that is why I am so sure that what America needs to move it forward is not another white, male septuagenarian as head of state.

But are you arguing against “old,” “white,” or “male”? Or all three? 

It’s not so much any of those individual attributes as much as it is the combination of all three. After all, I really like Elizabeth Warren and she would, should she earned the Democratic nomination, be 70 at the time of the 2020 election. And she is white. But she’s not an old white man.

Donald Trump is an old white man who will be a “youthful” 74 years old at the time of the 2020 election. He lost the popular vote in 2016, and despite being one of the least popular presidents in modern history, he is successfully driving the United States to the edge of a very steep precipice.

Bernie Sanders is an old white man, but he already sounds like everyone’s crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner. And Sanders will be 78 at the time of the 2020 election. 78! It’s no surprise that Bernie keeps winning in Vermont, though, and will likely win his state’s primary. Vermont has one of the nation’s oldest and whitest populations. But the general American electorate is not like the population of Vermont.

Joe Biden is an old white man, and he’ll be almost 78 at the time of the 2020 election. He is a middle of the road, “mainstream” Democrat who has a lot of baggage and a questionable track record when it comes to some of the hotbed issues that are important to progressive Democrats in 2020.

So Fandango, if you’re railing against old white men like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden, who do you think should be the Democratic candidate to run against and to defeat Donald Trump?

That’s an excellent question. Thank you for asking. As I mentioned earlier, there’s the very impressive, very intelligent, very persistent champion of people’s rights, Elizabeth Warren. Or there’s Kamala Harris, a triple threat. She not old (54). She’s not white. And she’s not a man.

Or how about Pete Buttigieg? Sure, he’s white and he’s a man. But at 37, he’s young. And he’s smart, articulate, a veteran, and genuine. Everything that Donald Trump is not. Maybe Mayor Pete is the dream candidate to go up against Donald Trump.

But what I do know is that I would revel in any candidate who can take out Donald Trump, as long as he’s just not another old white man.

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