A Day Off

03971EAB-291A-4E71-B80F-94782688D4D1My blogging buddy, Jim Adams, wrote in his Song Lyric Sunday prompt post last night that, “Nothing says Father’s Day like a backyard barbecue, family, beer and some good eating. All dads love to grill, so get some hearty cuts of meat or maybe lobster tails.”

Well, Jim is 100% correct. And since I’m a father and today is Father’s Day — at least in the U.S. — my grown kids are coming over to pay homage to their old man. And as a dad who loves to grill, I’m going to be spending a good number of hours grilling at least four full racks of baby back ribs and half a dozen ears of corn out on the backyard Weber grill.

I really want to be present for and with my wife and kids today, so I’m taking the day off from my blog. No more posts (probably) after this one. And I most likely won’t have time to read all of your wonderful posts. At least not during the day today.

But I shall return tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope all you dads out there have a great Father’s Day today, even if that’s not a holiday in your part of the world. Give your kids — and your spouse or significant other — big hugs.

SoCS — I’m Just Ribbing You

e4aa34ad-19a4-4e9e-9f02-53fdf9c21f39-e1555731353637.jpegFor this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Linda G. Hill has asked us to pay tribute to the word “rib.” I am pleased to be able to make a contribution to this effort.

I don’t know if you know this, but I broke a few ribs in a downhill snow skiing accident a while back. Sure, I took a lot of ribbing from my friends who witnessed my clumsiness. But I failed to see the humor in it. You see, one attribute of a rib injury is that it’s both very painful and extremely annoying. And my doctor wouldn’t prescribe anything for pain stronger than Tylenol. Sheesh.

If you’ve ever broken a rib or two, then you know that for about a month to six weeks after breaking a rib, you don’t want to sneeze or laugh because doing so causes you to expand your ribcage, and with a cracked rib, that results in excruciating pain. For the same reason, you also don’t want anyone to hug you. What about hot and heavy sex? Fuhgeddaboudit.

And for heaven’s sake, if you’re taking a dump and you need that last big push to get it all out, be prepared to suffer. I know that I put up with a lot of trials and tribulations by having cracked a few ribs. Breaking a rib has a terribly long, sad, and lonely recovery period.

Okay, I think I’ve described the hassle of broken ribs enough for now. But, strangely, I’ve developed a sudden urge to go out to Chili’s for a rack of baby back ribs.