#FOWC — Lessen Learned

A1C1B58E-C247-4AFF-ABBF-CD19591BE978Last night at midnight my time, I published today’s FOWC with Fandango One-Word Challenge. The word for today was “lessen.” But as several bloggers pointed out to me when I woke up this morning, the wording in my posted FOWC prompt read “Today’s word is ‘lesson.’ Not to be confused with yesterday’s word, “lesson.’”

What the hell, Fandango? Is the word for today “lessen” or “lesson”?

Let me assure you, it’s “lessen.” Or at least it was supposed to be, since yesterday’s word was “lesson.”

Oh how clever I thought I was being to create homophone prompts on consecutive days. But maybe too clever for my own good, perhaps.

In the end, though, I did learn several lessons from this experience.

  • Never publish a post when I’m just about to fall asleep
  • Always proofread my post at least two or three times, including reading it aloud at least once, before hitting “Schedule” or “Publish”
  • Lessen my dependence on autocorrect to catch my errors. Apparently autocorrect isn’t good with many homophones

Let that be a lesson for all of us.

Third Time’s The Charm

CAB82D7B-7CD1-4E80-9D66-FD11C39E34F4.jpegI use my iPhone to compose and publish my posts on WordPress. It’s extraordinarily convenient because I don’t have to be sitting in front of my computer to write my posts…or to read yours. Right now, for example, I’m in my bed, nice and cozy.

Of course, at times using my iPhone for my blog can be troublesome. I’m more prone to making typos, some of which I don’t catch until after my post has been published. And then there’s autocorrect, which will occasionally and creatively fill in my post with what sometimes seems to be nonsensical words. Real words, yes, but not the words I thought I’d typed.

And then there are nights like tonight. I was composing my response to Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. But I somehow managed to hit “publish” when I intended to hit “save as draft” before I was done.

And then, once I realized that, I edited my published post, but before I had finished making my edits (additional text, not edits to the text I’d already erroneously published), I must have hit “update” instead of “save as draft” again.

Sheesh! Well, I finally got it all done and hit “update” for the last time. So if you happened to have read my failed first or second attempts, I apologize for what probably looked like an incomplete (at best) or an incomprehensible (at worst) post.

I may have to rethink using my iPhone for all of my blog’s posts.

Where Is Autocorrect When You Need It?


Said he was a professional tattoo artist for fifty years. Looked like a trustworthy grandfather. Who knew he couldn’t spell nothing?


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This post is my entry for this week’s Twittering Tales challenge from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: favoritesunfl at Pixabay.com