The Performance Evaluation

Negative Performance ReviewGeorge slammed the door behind him and threw his briefcase on the credenza. He stomped his way into the kitchen, where his wife was fixing dinner. He literally growled like a dog.

“I take it your annual performance evaluation didn’t go as you expected,” Donna said.

“No, it did not,” George said.

“So you didn’t get the raise you thought you’d get?” Donna asked.


“What about the annual bonus?”


“What did he say?”

“Oh, he told me I am doing a great job, that I’m a rising star, and that I have a bright future with the firm,” George explained. “And then he patted me on the back and actually said, ‘Attaboy, George.”

“And that was it? Just an attaboy? No raise, no bonus, no promotion?”

“Nope,” George said. “So I quit.”

Donna got a shocked look on her face. “George, wasn’t that a rash thing to do?”

“Yeah, it probably was,” George said. “But the last straw was when he scratched my head behind my ear and offered me a biscuit.”

Written for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “attaboy.”