Rock Hopping

2AA0711B-C886-4020-8CA7-0B20D774D3F4“Come on, Steve,” Danny said, “Dazzle us with your rock hopping skills.”

“This will be a breeze,” Steve yelled back to the group of friends, although he didn’t feel as confident as he tried to sound. He looked at the rocks laid out before him. The first few were relatively level, but after that, not so much. He took a first tenuous jump and nailed it.

Steve looked at some of the rocks up ahead, then looked back at Danny and the other guys who were egging him on. Looking back again at the rocks, he worried that he may have overestimated his skills, but felt compelled to press forward. He managed to jump a few more rocks, much to the delight of his friends.

The more rocks Steve was able to hop, the more his confidence grew. Unfortunately, on his eighth hop, Steve’s foot slipped on the wet surface of the rock, and he took an awkward fall into the shallow, rocky water of the riverbed.

It was during the ambulance ride to the hospital when Steve, having suffered a broken leg and arm, acknowledged that he had underestimated the risk of rock hopping.

Written for the Opposites Attract prompt from Teresa (The Haunted Wordsmith), where the opposites are overestimate and underestimate. And for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (dazzle), Your Daily Word Prompt (breeze), Word of the Day Challenge (level), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (tenuous).

Time To Write — Tinder Meet Up

D609753B-8C8F-4781-90DE-B2F42DB6A934“So how did it go?” Annie asked her best friend Kate.

“It was really awkward,” Kate responded.

“Why? What happened?”‘Annie asked.

“Yeah, I was kind of nervous, you know, never having done one of these Tinder blind date things before,” Kate started to explain. “So I walked into the coffee shop and saw that he was already waiting at the table. It looked like he was texting with someone,” she added.

“Anyway, I walked up to the table and introduced myself, but I must have startled him. He jumped to his feet and when he did, his chair fell backwards and crashed to the floor. Everyone in the coffee shop turned and looked.”

“Yikes,” was all Annie said.

“But then,” Kate continued, “he reached out to shake my hand and somehow managed to spill his coffee all over the table, including over his cell phone. He grabbed for his phone but it was wet and slipped from his hand and fell onto the floor. He bent over quickly to pick it up, but his head hit the edge of table hard and he knocked himself out.”

“Oh my God!” Kate exclaimed.

“Yeah,” said Annie. “Someone in the coffee shop called 9-1-1 and within a couple of minutes the paramedics got there, but by that time he had come to. They wanted to take him to the hospital to check for a concussion, but he insisted he was okay. He picked his phone, which had a busted screen, up off the floor and went to sit down at the table, but then he passed out and fell back down onto the floor. Fortunately, the paramedics were still there because they had ordered a couple of coffees to go.”

“Are you serious?” Annie said.

“Yeah,” responded Kate. “The paramedics got him into the ambulance and I rode in the back with him to the hospital. Long story short, he did have a concussion and they wanted him to stay there for a few more hours for observation or something.

“I asked him if he wanted me to stay there with him, but he said no,” Kate said. “In fact, he was kind of rude about it. When I asked if he’d like to see me again, he actually started to cry.”

“Yeah,” said Annie. “Awkward.”

Written for this week’s Time To Write prompt from Rachel Poli. We’re supposed to write about an awkward encounter between two characters or an awkward scene of some kind.