3TC — Patriotic Outfit

8C682391-0999-44EC-BB16-0CDC30D19A5B“Oh, honey, that’s such an honor,” Martin’s mother said when he told her that he’d been picked to hold the flag at his third grade class assembly.

Anna’s excitement abated, though, when Martin told her that he wanted to wear his favorite long johns to the assembly. She didn’t say anything to Martin at the time, but when her husband, Mitch, came home from work, she told him about Martin’s request.

Mitch cracked up when Anna told him what Martin wanted to wear to the assembly. “I think we should let him,” he said, much to his wife’s horror.

“Are you serious?” Anna said. “There’s no way I’m going to let him wear those long johns outside, much less at a school assembly. And if you don’t back me on this, Mitch, we’re going to wind up having a major flap over it.”

“What is there to argue about, Anna?” Mitch asked. “I mean is there anything that would be more patriotic than the boy wearing his red MAGA long johns while holding up the Stars and Stripes?”

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are flap, long johns, and stripes.

And The Rest Is History

Red Sox Cap I wondered into the retail shop just to kill some time until my buddy was supposed to meet me. “Can I help you,” she said. She was quite stunning and I was at a loss for words. I looked around the sports store and saw the tent department and pointed to it. “You’re interested in a tent?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “A tent.”

“What size?” she asked.

“Um, seven and a half,” I said.

“That sounds more like a hat size than a tent size,” she said, a knowing smile lighting up her face. “What kind of hat are you interested in?” she asked.

“A, um, baseball hat,” I answered.

“Our baseball caps are over there,” she said, pointing to the other side of the store. “Would you like me to show you?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I’d like that very much.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the area where the baseball caps were on display. “What’s your favorite team?” she asked.

“The Red Sox” I said.

She reached over and grabbed a Red Sox cap from the rack and put it on my head. Then she put her hands on both of my shoulders, leaned in close, and whispered in my ear, “Mine, too.”

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are tent, retail shop, and hat.

Time To Write — Six Things

28AE0E6E-9D29-48F3-AD07-5E139DC71714“Why are you crying, sweetheart,” Anita’s grandfather asked her.

Anita stopped crying and attempted to wipe away her tears. “Because, Poppy,” she said, “there’s a talent show at school next week and I told everyone that I could make balloon animals, but I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t seem to do it right.”

“Well, honey,” he said, “It takes a lot of hot air to blow up the balloons like that and maybe you’re having trouble because you’re not full of hot air, like some people I know.”

“But if I don’t have enough hot air,” Anita said, “how am I going to win the talent show? And look,” she said, pointing to a crudely drawn banner, “I already made a sign to advertise my balloon animals.”

“Maybe, Anita, it would be best to find another talent for you to show off to your classmates,” her grandfather suggested. “Let’s go out and get an ice cream cone and talk about what your real talents are.”

Written for Rachel Poli’s Time To Write prompt, using the random words animals, balloon, and best, and for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the the things are crying, grandfather, and banner.



3TC — Lunch at the Canteen

6F378490-480E-46D9-B744-7101F8E01A7D“I’m hungry, Sarge. I’m heading over to the base canteen to grab some lunch,” Private Bailey said to Sarge. “Wanna join me?”

“Sure, Beetle. Let’s do it,” Sarge said. “My stomach is starting to grumble.”


“Hey Beetle, I couldn’t help overhearing you and Sarge talking,” Private “Killer” Diller said. “Would it be okay if I joined you and Sarge if you’re going to the canteen? The mushroom soup they serve there is really special.”

“You betcha, Killer,” Beetle said, “Personally I’m not crazy about mushroom soup so I’ll pass on that. But the hot dogs at the canteen are world class. Let’s go.”

And so the three soldiers happily headed to the canteen.


Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are canteen, lunch, and soup.

3TC — Bad Idea


“So what takeaway do you have after this,” Brian’s mother said as she sat with him in the bathroom while he was kneeling over the toilet bowl. She held a cool washcloth across his forehead with one hand as she rubbed his back sympathetically with the other.

Brian took a deep breath as he tried to control the spasms in his belly. “I learned that you were right, Mom,” he said, “when you told me that ordering a pizza with potatoes and pancetta on it was a bad idea.”

And then Brian threw up once again.

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the theee things are takeaway, potatoes, and pizza.