Day 30 — Man in the Mirror

For today’s 30-Day Song Challenge, the very last one in this series, we are asked for “a song that reminds you of yourself.”

Actually, two songs came to mind. One is Paul Simon’s “I Am a Rock,” and the other is Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

In the case of Paul Simon’s song, I have always been a kind of aloof, distant person who protects myself from hurt and pain by building walls around me. Perhaps that explains why I blog anonymously. But as in the Michael Jackson song, I have, over the years, taken a good, hard look at myself in the mirror and discovered that I am capable of changing and have changed. I can tear down that protective wall and take the risk of hurt and disappointed for the sake of being more open to and with the people who are most important to me. But, that said, I’m not going to stop blogging anonymously.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to share both songs.

Day 29 — Childhood

For today’s 30-Day Song Challenge we are asked for “a song you remember from your childhood.”

You know, I’m old. I can barely remember my childhood, much less a song from my childhood. But I do have a vague memory of my father periodically bringing me a treat when he came home from work. That treat was rock candy, which is essentially chunks of crystallized of sugar.11191BAD-A054-4BB0-8C53-A04F3F0BF762I loved rock candy and was thrilled every time my father gave it to me. So you can imagine how much I loved this song:

That version of the song was recorded by Burl Ives in 1949 and is the one I used to hear as a kid. But the original was written and recorded by Harry McClintock in 1928, which was even before my time. Here’s his original recording of the song.

Day 28 — I Love Her Voice

For today’s 30-Day Song Challenge we are asked for “a song by an artist whose voice you love.”

Her voice is unique and because of that, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I don’t particularly like tea, but I do love her voice. So who am I talking about? None other than Joni Mitchell.

Even though it’s easy for me to pick the artist for this prompt, it’s close to impossible for me to pick only one song to illustrate her enchanting, stylistic singing voice. So I essentially turned the wheel of fortune and this is where it landed.

Day 27 — Broken Heart

For today’s 30-Day Song Challenge we are asked for “a song that breaks your heart.”

There are so very many songs about broken hearts, but this one, “Piece of My Heart,” sung by Janis Joplin, seems to fit the prompt perfectly. It’s a song about a lovelorn woman so enraptured by her man that she’s willing to break off yet another piece of her heart if only he will take it.

But while it’s about breaking a heart, this song breaks my heart because of the tragic death of an extraordinary young talent at the tender age of 27. Such a shame, such a waste.