12 Bloggerz — April 2021

It’s been a while since I last did one of Rory’s “12 Bloggers” “thing” he does where he poses 12, oh I don’t know, irreverent questions. Here is what he is asking us this month.

1 – Would you want to be a millionaire and if so why and if not why not?

Would I want to be? Hell yes. Why not?

2 – Do you listen more to the voice in your head or your gut when making difficult decisions?

I’m a pragmatist, so I’d have to say I’m more in my head than in my gut.

3 – Should we be afraid of our nightmares or see them as a sign of improvement?

I may be afraid in my nightmares while I’m having them, but not once I’m awake. Then I am actually relieved to realize that they were just nightmares. Do I see them as a sign of improvement. No, not at all. Just as scary dreams.

4 – Are you a fan of cult movies and if so which ones and why?

I suppose one might call “Rocky Horror Picture Show” a cult movie. I’ve seen that about a half a dozen times, usually at midnight showings at a local movie theater (back in the pre-pandemic days when movie theaters where still a thing). And then there is the John Walters’ classic “Pink Flamingos,” which I’ve seen a few times.And I love the old Marx Brothers movies. But I suppose I’m a cult member of the Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” fan club. I’ve seen and enjoyed that move maybe a dozen times.

5 – What comedy film you could watch over and over?

As noted above, Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein.” I never get tired of it.

6 – How often can you listen to your favorite music for more than an hour in a day or a week without interruptions? 

I have my TV on all day and when I’m not watching a show, I have classic rock music playing in the background throughout the day. For example, right now, as I am writing this post, Steely Dan’s “My Old School” is playing.

7 – What is in your opinion the best way to make an omelets?

You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.

8 – When was the last time you were completely naughty?

At my age and with my memory, I can’t recall.

9 – What’s the secret to making someone laugh hard?

Telling a really, really funny joke. Or telling them to watch Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein.”

10 – How forgetful are you and why does the word look so silly when written?

First, the word “forgetful” doesn’t look at all silly to me. Second, As to how forgetful I am, at my age and with my memory, I can’t remember.

11 – What advice did your parents give you about LIFE that you, too, have passed on to your own children or friends?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

12 – How often do you surf for something on the internet but end up hours later looking at something else? Why does it happen to you, what causes you to stray?

At my age, it happens frequently. It’s not so much that hours later I end up looking at something else, it’s more that if I get distracted, I forget what I was looking for. What causes me to stray? I’m easily distracted, I guess.

12 Bloggerz — February 2021

Rory, over at A Guy Called Bloke, has this monthly “thing” he does where he poses 12, oh I don’t know, irreverent questions. Here is what he is asking us this month.

1. How high are your current energy and wellbeing levels as in are you relaxed, chilled, tense or stressed or do you think that despite everything you are doing pretty well and your mental health is balanced?

I am definitely an even keel type of guy. And I’ve been especially mellow since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President on January 20th. Ask me this question again next week when the impeachment trial of Donald Trump starts in the U.S. Senate, and my answer might be different.

2. Do you perform any ‘refreshing cleanses or routines’ to help you prepare for the day or the week ahead?

I have a steaming hot cup of coffee first thing each morning. Without that, I’d never make it through the day.

3. When was the last time you had a major ‘declutter’ of the house and do you have one planned again?

Last year at this time, right before we moved from San Francisco to the East Bay, we purged a whole bunch of stuff so we didn’t have to lug it from our old place to our new one.

4. Do you have a ‘happy place’ you can go to relax and chill out – if so what or where is it?

On the couch in our family room.

5. What are three of your favorite songs that you listen to when you wish to wind down and let the day pass you by for a while?

I’m probably going to suffer some ridicule for my answer, but it’s New Age music from artists like Yanni, David Lanz, or Enya. Although, my favorite genre of music is 60s and 70s classic rock.

6. Which is more important in your eyes … to be kind or to be nice?

Why can’t you be both kind and nice? It’s nice to be kind and it’s kind to be nice. Unless you happen to encounter a far-right, MAGA-caping wearing, white supremacist, QAnon following, rabid Trump supporter, in which case neither being nice nor kind is called for.

7. When was the last time you experienced a strange and bizarre dream and what was it about and also, what do you think it means/meant?

Almost all of my dreams are strange and bizarre, but by the time I wake up, I can’t remember most of them. Except for my periodic recurring dreams, which you can read about here should you care to.

8. When was the last time you accidentally made yourself jump or you scared yourself?

I don’t typically scare myself or make myself jump, but the other day I was watching TV with my noise-canceling headphones on and my wife snuck up behind me and screamed “Boo!” Yes, that made me jump.

9. If you had the opportunity of looking 10 years into your own future and living there for a day – would you take the journey?

At my age I might not have 10 years into my own future, so no, I wouldn’t want to take that journey.

10. How organic are you and your lifestyle [as in chemical free]?

My wife is a big proponent of organic foods and she makes an effort to buy and cook with organic ingredients. And I’m all for that. Then again, I drink Diet Coke and use Splenda to sweeten my organic coffee.

11. How well do you sleep and how many hours are you able to sleep daily and more importantly, how rested do you feel each and every day upon waking?

I can usually fall asleep pretty quickly. My problem is that I can’t stay asleep. And the problem can be boiled down to one unfortunate malady, “Old Man Syndrome,” or OMS.

OMS is an affliction that usually starts to manifest itself when men enter their sixties and begin to suffer the aches, pains, and indignities that come with age. My OMS occurs virtually every night somewhere between 2 and 5 a.m. That’s when I wake up and have no option but to get out of bed to go pee. It doesn’t matter whether I stop drinking fluids right at dinnertime or continue to imbibe until just before bedtime.

The good news is that most nights, after taking care of business, I can fall asleep almost instantly upon returning to bed. On average, I get about six to seven hours of sleep each night and I generally do feel rested when I wake up.

12. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and felt immediately better for it?

1978, when I got married. You know: for better or for worse.

12 Bloggerz — December 2020

Rory, over at A Guy Called Bloke, has this monthly “thing” he does where he poses 12, oh I don’t know, irreverent questions. Here is what he is asking us this month.

1 – When not specifically following ‘set’ directions, everyone has a favorite direction they prefer to walk in. Which is yours — left or right? And why do you think you always want to go that direction first?

To be honest, I don’t really have a favorite direction. I subscribe to the mathematical fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Hence, I will go in whatever direction will get me to my objective most efficiently and quickly.

2 – What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you – irrelevant to your personal beliefs – just something that creeped you out – and yet you simply couldn’t explain it?

It creeps me out that more than 74 million Americans voted to give Donald Trump another four years in office. What the fuck is wrong with those people? The good news is that more than 81 million sane, rational, and responsible Americans voted for Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden. It also creeps me out that a month after the election, Donald Trump has yet to admit that he lost. He’s mad, and I don’t mean in the angry sense, I mean in the crazy sense.

3 – Who are your top five actors/actresses and what is special about them to you?

As far as living actors, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep have to be up there. As to those who are no longer with us, I have always enjoyed the work of Kathryn Hepburn, who, as Humphrey Bogart said, was a classy dame. And, of course, there is the aforementioned Humphrey Bogart, as well as Paul Newman and Gregory Peck. Okay, that’s six. Sorry about that.

4- Which prompts do you participate in weekly with your blog – please list?

As to weekly prompts, I always do Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts. And then there’s Melanie’s Share Your World prompt, Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights prompt, Jim Adam’s Song Lyric Sunday prompt. More recently there’s the Fibbing Friday prompt that Di (Pensitivity101) and Frank (PCGuy) alternate, as well as Frank’s Truthful Tuesday prompt. I often do Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt and Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt. And, when I have time, I participate in some of the Mindlovemisery Menagerie prompts, like Sunday Writing Prompt, Photo Challenge, Tale Weaver, Music Challenge, First Line Friday, and a few others. And lest I forget, there’s Shweta Suresh’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt, and Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt. Plus a bunch of daily prompts. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it.

5 – Have you taken the 16 Personalities Test and if so, what Personality Type are you and how accurate is it to you?

Yes, I just followed the link and took it. It says I’m an ISTP-A. That means I tend toward being introverted, I’m more observant than intuitive, I’m more of a thinker than a feeler, I’m more prospective than judgmental, and I’m more assertive with respect to my confidence and decision making than I am “turbulent.” How accurate is that? Well, since I would describe myself as a practical pragmatist, I’d say it’s spot on.

6 – Are you easily embarrassed? When was the last time for you?

No, I’m not really easily embarrassed. I can’t honestly remember the last time I actually felt embarrassment.

7 – Has anything shocked you in the last 6 weeks to the point where you have gasped out aloud? If so what was it and if not, then when was the last time you were terribly shocked by something?

Even though I’m not surprised, I have to admit that I’m still kinda shocked at the way most Republicans in Congress continue to stand by Donald Trump’s unfounded assertion that the election was rigged and fraudulent and that he won. And I’m shocked that so many Americans are still buying into the bullshit and the Trump has managed to raise more than $170 million from these gullible lemmings since the election in order to, I don’t know, line his own pockets.

8 – If you have one, what is your signature dish? If you don’t have one what would you love to be able to cook wonderfully well?

It’s no great accomplishment, and I don’t know if I’d call it my “signature dish,” but I do like cooking (and eating) what I call hole-in-the wall eggs.

9 – Strangest or wildest place you ever had the most amazing sex in or on maybe, even around …….?

Just off of a busy walking path in Potomac Park not far from the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. There were a few trees and bushes that were blocking at least some of the view from passersby. I think.

10 – Why is it healthy to flirt with people you have no intention of doing the naughty with and how often do you flirt with people you know or even don’t know?

Is flirting healthy? I don’t know that it is. And at my age, I have pretty much abandoned flirting altogether.

11 – Can you list 9 things that you can ride in, on, or with?

  1. A car
  2. A bicycle
  3. A bus
  4. An airplane
  5. A boat
  6. A helicopter
  7. An amusement park ride
  8. A hot air balloon
  9. A go-kart

12 – Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list and if you are, what have you asked for from either?

Santa’s list? Seriously, Rory? I’m no longer five years old, although if Santa did exist, I would ask him if I could be five years old again.