Their Forbidden Garden

497BCD2A-6991-42DA-8D60-DA0D94D04AF9He looked at her, and nodded toward the garden. She nodded back, her tacit acceptance. Despite the fact that her father was full of dispraise for him and forbade her to be with him, their desire to be together could not be quelled. They would have their tryst in their forbidden garden.

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (Garden), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (tacit), Your Daily Word Prompt (dispraise), and Word of the Day Challenge (desire).

Twittering Tales — Damn Tourists

0B14A2EB-FE1D-4618-95B9-0603F9CD7CB3I hate them. The tourists. Always stopping me on the street, asking me how to get to here or there. Do I look like a freakin’ tour guide? Haven’t they ever heard of Google Maps? Type in the name of where you want to go and it shows you a detailed map directing you there. Sheesh!

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Written for the Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: Gavilla @

A Taxing Day

56C7A5FB-3583-4D1D-8D62-F2B7716867F2I saw an advertisement for TurboTax today and that ad reminded me that I needed to begin my tax filing process. I still have almost two months — April 15 — before I actually have to file, but I envisioned getting off to an early start, the key to which was to download the tax preparation software.

Once the download was finished, I opened up the software program on my laptop (yes, I was using my laptop and not my iPhone, although I’m back on my iPhone now as I write this post), and completed entering the indicative information, like name, address, Social Security number, etc.

Then I gathered all of my 1099 forms. I’m retired, so I don’t have any W-2 forms since I’m not earning wages. Once I had all of the relevant forms on my desk, my eyelids started to feel heavy, I found myself yawning, and I genuinely began to feel quite lethargic.

I got up, walked into the kitchen, poured myself a fresh cup of coffee, walked back into my office, sat back down in front of my laptop, and decided, fuck it.

I still have plenty of time before my taxes are due. I’ll pick it up again on March 1st.

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (advertisement), Word of the Day Challenge (envision), Ragtag Daily Prompt (key), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (lethargic).


Sunday Photo Fiction — The Legacy

60E8D740-BD31-4AB0-BF4B-8AB3BAD2A9D5The old man spent his entire life building log cabins. He built his first one with his father more than sixty years ago. He was in this late teens at the time, his whole life ahead of him. Now he was almost 80 and his days were numbered. He wasn’t quite broken yet, but he was certainly bent.

This was to be his last cabin. His arthritic hands, sore joints, stooped back, and atrophying muscles betrayed him on his life-long quest to be remembered as the “log cabin man.” He wanted his log cabins to be his legacy.

He was constructing this cabin for his youngest grandson, who was in the army and had recently been deployed to the southern border to help build that damn wall.

He was praying every day that he would have the strength to finish building the cabin. He certainly had the determination.  But it was a struggle.

And then one day, as he was notching out a log, the old man slumped over, unable to breathe.

His grandson was granted bereavement leave upon the death of his grandfather. And he swore that he would finish the cabin as an homage to the “log cabin man.”

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Written for Susan Spaulding’s Sunday Photo Fiction and her photo. Also for the Word of the Day prompt, “quest.”