Four Line Fiction — Was It You?

“Pee-ew, Nigel, did you just break wind, old chap?”

“Nah, mate, t’weren’t me, t’was the guy in front of you whose shoulder you got yer arm on.”

“Hey, bugger off, back there. It’s Beardsley on me right is the one who ‘ad beans and lentils for breakfast and he’s been fouling the air all afternoon.”

Written for Greg’s Four Line Fiction prompt.

9 thoughts on “Four Line Fiction — Was It You?

  1. Lou Carreras May 26, 2023 / 7:34 am

    No Happiness from the engineers. I have partial functionality by using firefox. But there’s dead silence from WP concerning the issues, but here is my post

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    • Fandango May 26, 2023 / 7:58 am

      Sorry that you’re still having issues, but it’s not surprising that the Hapless Engineers haven’t been much help.


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