WDP — Weather Extremes

Daily writing prompt
How do you feel about cold weather?

One of the reasons my wife and I moved from New England to San Francisco in 2010 was because of the weather. New England summers are hot and muggy. New England winters are frigid and snowy. In contrast, San Francisco summers are relatively cool and dry, and San Francisco winters can be wet, but they are mild. Snow in the city of San Francisco is almost unheard of.

We no longer live in San Francisco. In 2020 we moved to the East Bay to a town about 35 miles east of San Francisco. It’s climate, though, is very different from San Francisco’s. The summers here are hot, hot, hot. I’m talking about a lot of days at or above 100°F. Fortunately, it’s typically a dry heat, so it’s not as oppressive as it is back east, when the humidity is close to 100%. The winters here are colder than in San Francisco, but not nearly as cold as they are in New England. It rarely gets below freezing (32°F) where we live.

Okay, yeah, I hear you. I haven’t answered the question. So let me do that. I prefer cold weather to hot weather. When the weather is cold, you can dress for it — jackets, scarves, sweaters, hats, gloves, etc. — to keep warm. But in the summer, when it’s really hot and muggy, short of staying inside an air conditioned building, there’s not much you can do to escape the heat and humidity. Sure, can strip naked, but you’d be likely to get arrested for doing so in most places.

Of course if I lived in the upper Midwest, I might have a different answer. I lived in Chicago for three years and when the temperatures dipped down to forty below zero before windchill, which they did a few times while I lived there, I didn’t like that one bit.

But I’m okay with the snowless, relatively mild winters here in the coastal regions of Northern California.

9 thoughts on “WDP — Weather Extremes

  1. Wiwohka May 23, 2023 / 2:44 pm

    I like cold for the most part, but I get the part where some cold is not fun…we have been up in north dakota when your spit freezes before it hits the ground…lol

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  2. Melissa Lemay May 23, 2023 / 2:49 pm

    Where in New England, if you don’t mind my asking. I was born in Portsmouth, NH. Beautiful. And really good seafood.

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong May 23, 2023 / 4:16 pm

    Ironically, that is exactly the kind of winter we had for the past two years. Weather is changing everywhere, including — maybe especially — in New England.

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  4. Sadje May 23, 2023 / 8:06 pm

    I live in a country where the weather is hot most of the time so I prefer our cold climate too.

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