Sunday Poser — Old Ways or New?

For this week’s Sunday Poser, Sadje has asked…

Do you prefer old ways or new technology in your day to day life?

At first I was going to say that I generally prefer new technology, but there are bad actors who put these new technologies to negative purposes. But then I saw that she got more specific:

By old ways I mean using a wristwatch, using a diary to keep appointments, or a calendar hanging on the wall to note events that you’d like to remember. What do you prefer in your daily life? High tech gadgets keeping a record of your routine or you like to do it manually?

With that elaboration, I have to say that I’m all about new technology. I do have a wristwatch, but it’s an Apple Watch that is paired with my iPhone. It can do a lot more than just tell me what time it is.

As to a calendar for noting events, including birthdays and anniversaries, appointments, an other items, I use Google Calendar on my iPhone. And I use my iPhone’s Reminders app for recurring reminders, like cleaning my coffee maker every two weeks. We do not have a single paper calendar anywhere in our home.

So my answer to this week’s Sunday Poser is definitely high-tech gadgets, assuming that an iPhone is considered to be a high-tech gadget.

One thought on “Sunday Poser — Old Ways or New?

  1. Sadje May 21, 2023 / 4:15 pm

    Thanks Fandango for sharing. With its price tag, iPhone is definitely a hi-tech device. I do a mix and match with old and new.

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