Spam Comment of the Week — Week 19 2023

I get some interesting spam comments on my blog, most of which are captured by Akismet, WordPress’ spam blocker. I generally do a mass delete of all of my spam comments after checking to see if any legitimate comments got caught up in Akismet’s spam-catching net.

I thought it might be fun to select a particularly interesting or unique or outrageous spam comment and highlight it each week.

This week I’m featuring two spam comments. This first one was written by Reuhl37325 in response to my “Who Am I?” page. Reuhl wrote…

Hmmm, I am not therefore ‘ consider every little thing the following, but you do offer a important information with this make a difference. I’ll instruct me personally plus revisit at a later date.

Well, Reuhl, perhaps English is not your first language, but I have no idea what your words mean. Nevertheless, I’ll instruct me personally to not give your comment a second thought.

The second comment was written by Melissa in response to my May 7th Cellpic Sunday post. Unlike the previous spam commenter, Melissa was very articulate, but I think she may have mistaken me for someone else. She wrote…

Hi there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I adore your blog. It’s an amazing resource for anyone who is interested about culinary adventures. I particularly enjoy your DIY recipes and fast food suggestions, but your crispy treats ideas are also making my mouth water. applaud your dedication to supporting people in their dieting journey with insightful tips and tricks. Keep up the remarkable work, and I can’t wait to dive into more of your fabulous posts!

Stay Blessed – Mel

Mel, I appreciate that you adore my blog, but the truth is that I’ve never posted a recipe on my blog. Never! But if you have a recipe for crispy treats that make your mouth water, please do share it with me.

What about you? Have you read some catchy spam comments that you’d like to share with us? If so, put them in the comments or create your own post and tag it #FSCW.

23 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week — Week 19 2023

  1. Renard Moreau May 14, 2023 / 7:16 am

    🤔 The only spam I get these days is from some person who likes to refer to himself as a “Dog Dad.”

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  2. Paula Light May 14, 2023 / 7:25 am

    Mmm crispy treats! Maybe she’s from the future when you DO post recipes! 🤣🤣🤣

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  3. VJ May 14, 2023 / 8:28 am

    I got one today that said I’d actually found a rhyme for orange – I had to go back and reread the poem – no rhyme of course.

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  4. bushboy May 14, 2023 / 6:22 pm

    I’ll also instruct myself to comment Fandango waiting for your “your crispy treats ideas are also making my mouth water” I bet your wife would be in side splitting mirth at the thought of you having a dieting recipe.
    “consider every little thing the following” is worth the money I have paid 🙂

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  5. Monch Weller May 21, 2023 / 6:55 am

    Hello. Just landed here after some background checking regarding two parties you mentioned in this entry. They’ve since shifted tactics — instead of leaving comments, they’re now resorting to abusing the Follow function.

    First, the “melissaketodiet” showed up twice on my blog and was quickly shown the door. The second culprit “TheDogGod” graced my blog with the intent to school me in canine theology — and was also shown the door.

    I do suggest reporting to WordPress, though I just hope the platform acts. Apparently, WP doesn’t respond on abuse complaints done by paying customers. Who would want to kill the golden goose?

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    • Fandango May 21, 2023 / 4:17 pm

      I tried to get WP to do something about the repetitive spammers but they said that because Akismet caught them and put them into my spam folder, it was working properly.

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      • Monch Weller May 21, 2023 / 4:27 pm

        So I guess you also got the same canned response. Shows utter laziness on their part — they couldn’t quite ban those bad actors because it’s bad for business, but they can’t turn a blind eye to people’s complaints. The Akismet function is just a band-aid measure.

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