Cellpic Sunday — 5/14/23

John Steiner, the blogger behind Journeys With Johnbo, has this prompt he calls Cellpic Sunday in which he asks us to post a photo that was taken with a cellphone, tablet, or another mobile device. I thought this might be fun so I decided to join in.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting by myself in my audiologist’s office. I had just completed a hearing test and she was in another room futzing around with my hearing aids. Right across from me was this canvas and I thought it was interesting.

As I was waiting for her to return, I was staring at the painting and thought that it was a representation of our human connectivity. No matter our size, shape, or color, we are all connected in some way. Some of those connections are strong, represented by thick black lines and dots. Other connections, represented by thinner lines and smaller dots, are less strong. And, as in society as a whole, there are a few that are not connected at all.

That was about as deep as I got in my thinking before the audiologist returned to the room and strayed playing the “Can you hear me now?” game with me.

If you wish to participate in this fun cellphone photo prompt, please click on the link to John’s post at the top of my post to see his photo and to read his instructions.

5 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday — 5/14/23

  1. Sadje May 14, 2023 / 9:36 am

    You’re right, I think we are all connected one way or another.

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  2. photobyjohnbo May 14, 2023 / 9:49 am

    You’ve found a great representation and analogy to the human situation. Nice post!

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  3. bushboy May 14, 2023 / 2:26 pm

    Nice art and great interpretation before that strayed audiologist returned to not fix your aids

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