WDP — Community Support

Daily writing prompt
What do you do to be involved in the community?

I’m assuming that this question is about the real world community in which I live, not the online community here on WordPress. In that context, truth be told, not much.

We moved to our relatively small suburban town about 35 miles east of San Francisco in February 2020. Within a month, everything went on lockdown due to COVID-19. So for our first two-plus years here, we hardly ever left our home. We did patronize local restaurants and grocery stores via available delivery services, but that was about it.

Of course, just as things were opening up and returning to “normal” after almost three years of modified behavior, I go and fall off a ladder and fracture my left hip and my right arm. So I am back to being, for all intents and purposes, housebound again.

Maybe I’m a victim of circumstance. Had it not been for the COVID lockdown, I might have gotten more involved in my new community.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? At my age, I’m no longer interested in being actively involved in my community. I’ll leave that to the younger, more energetic folks.

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