Truthful Tuesday — Prompt Me

Di, of Pensitivity101, is our host for Truthful Tuesday. This week Di wants to know:

What kind of blogging challenges inspire you the most?

I like almost any kind of prompt. Q&A prompts like this one and Di’s Share Your World prompt or Rory’s The Garden Dawdler and Sadje’s Sunday Poser are fun.

I also like word prompts, be they one word prompts or multiple word prompts. And photo prompts, where the prompter gives us a photo or an image and asks us to write a story or a poem about what we see in that photo can get our creative juices flowing.

I like music prompts, like Jim Adams’ Song Lyric Sunday. Paula Light’s The Monday Peeve and TGIF give us the opportunity to vent and whine or to just blather on about whatever suits us.

Even some of the new WordPress writing prompts are decent.

So I guess my truthful answer to Di’s question is that any and all prompts can inspire me.

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