SoCS — Yes

Yes, April is almost over. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that we were celebrating the new year? I can’t believe how fast time is going by. And before you know it, yessiree Bob, we’ll be in the second half of 2023.

I asked my wife, “Do you feel like time is going by too quickly, too? Or is it just me?”

She said, “No, it’s not just you. Yes, time is going by very fast.” And then she said, “But do you know what’s going by way too slowly? It’s getting thing off of your to-do list. That just seems to be getting longer and longer.”

I said, “Yes, you’re right, but I just broke my hip and arm three months ago and there are a lot of things on that list that I can’t do yet because I’m not fully recuperated.”

And she said, “Yes, I understand that. But I’m assuming that once you’re able-bodied again, by the beginning of July, hopefully, you’ll be able to start checking off a lot of the items on that list.”

I just looked at my wife, smiled, and said, “Yes, dear.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, where the assignment is to find a word that starts with “yes” or use the word “yes” as is.

11 thoughts on “SoCS — Yes

  1. TheOdysseyLife April 29, 2023 / 4:54 am

    haha….When I was a kid, waiting for Christmas felt like a very long time, but now as an adult, the days seem to pass by in the blink of an eye, and I don’t like how quickly time is flying by. 😪

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong April 29, 2023 / 1:49 pm

    No problem with Garry. He doesn’t know how to do much of anything except talk into a microphone and write.

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