The Garden Dawdler — 04/15/23

Rory, the king of questions, also known as the Autistic Composter, has come up with a new series of questions that he calls “The Garden Dawdler.” Rory is posing “nine questions once a week for your leisure or pleasure.”

Here are Rory’s nine Dawdler questions today.

Are you utterly minimalistic in your lifestyle, an absolute clutterer hoarder, or just messy?

None of the above. I am neither a clutterer nor a hoarder. I’m not messy but I’m not obsessive or compulsive when it comes to tidying things up. As to my design aesthetic, I do tend toward minimalism.

Do you prefer to sit on a chair, cushion, bench, floor, or something else for comfort and which?

Right now, with my busted hip, I really do need something soft and cushiony to sit on. Preferably a chair. The floor, even with a cushion, is not good because I can’t get my legs and hip to sit that way and I’d need assistance getting back up. And a bench without a cushion, would hurt.

What is the most challenging part of your writing process?

I’m still expending a lot of energy in the broken hip, broken arm recuperation process, so finding the energy to think about topics for my blog, to do any research necessary, to sit down and write, proofread, edit, etc., and to post my work is draining what little energy I have left. Add to that, reading and commenting on the posts from other bloggers, leaves me exhausted.

Do you think you are an addictive or non-addictive personality?

I am addicted to blogging, but otherwise, I’d classify myself on the non-addictive end of the spectrum.

Do you feel in any way, shape, or form threatened by the arrival of AI [Artificial Intelligence] opportunities or do you welcome the progression into your life with ease?

From what I’ve experienced so far in reading AI-generated text or in using an AI chatbot to write a post for my blog, which I’ve done several times and noted in the post that it was the work of an AI chatbot, I am not threatened by AI. At least not in its current state.

I have used AI to generate illustrations for some of my posts and most are okay at best. Not the quality of photographs or images created by humans. To give you two examples of text-generated AI art, I gave two different AI art apps this instruction: An artist painting a picture on a canvas at an easel. Here are the results:

What do you think?

What subjects or topics inspire you to create the most concerning your writing?

This is a bit oddly worded, but I’m going to assume, with respect to my writing, Rory wants to know what subjects or topics inspire me. I can be inspired by almost anything in life. Current events, politics, human nature, my own personal experiences, or prompts from other bloggers.

When was the last time you walked through a graveyard?

Decades ago.

What are your top five favorite flowers?

I don’t know much about flowers so I’m just going to name, in no particular order, five different flowers that I know of: roses, irises, orchids, daisies, and chrysanthemums.

What would you say would be your writing quirk?

When it comes to my writing, what you read is who I am. Is that quirky? I dunno. Is it?

12 thoughts on “The Garden Dawdler — 04/15/23

  1. Sadje April 15, 2023 / 4:59 pm

    Sitting in the floor is a no-no for anyone with a joint replacement. Hope you recover soon my friend

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong April 15, 2023 / 6:50 pm

    AI will help dumb down our dumbest to the even more dumb level. How stupid ARE we? Well, I guess we’ll find out.

    Do you own a recliner? They have been my ally during ALL my recoveries and now, they are what WE call furniture. Keeps my feet up so they don’t swell, too.

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    • Fandango April 15, 2023 / 9:44 pm

      Yes, we have a recliner in our family room and an adjustable bed in the bedroom. They really help.


  3. bushboy April 15, 2023 / 7:57 pm

    The AI art apps both failed. That bloke is doing what to a finished painting? and the other is just trying too hard

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    • Fandango April 15, 2023 / 9:49 pm

      Yes, I agree. And the woman’s hand with the paintbrush looks deformed.

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  4. The Autistic Composter April 16, 2023 / 1:39 am

    Interesting answers Fandango. I agree with you regarding AI – no threat at this present time and what is being produced isn’t yet spot on enough to cause major concern. But Matilyn is also correct in her assessment ot will breed even more stupidity and contempt for the traditional and conventional writing format and style. It’ll make today’s stupid look normal.

    I hope that your recovery continues to travels smoothly.

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  5. writerravenclaw April 16, 2023 / 4:29 am

    I would say I hoard, but like you I have moments where I need things to be tidy.

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  6. leigha66 April 28, 2023 / 5:24 pm

    I have clutter… slowly but surely trying to work at reducing it though. I do however come by it naturally though with my parents and grandparents as clutter role models, ha, ha, ha!

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