One Minute Fiction — The Arbitrator’s Office

Millie was torn. Her parents said it wouldn’t take too long and instructed her to sit and wait for them in the hallway outside of the arbitrator’s office. But it had been more than two hours and the thirteen year old girl was getting hungry.

She remembered them passing a small doughnut shop in the building’s lobby when they first walked in, so to assuage her growing hunger, she decided to go get a doughnut to tide her over until her parents were done.

Millie bought the doughnut and a boxed drink, brought them back with her to the seat outside of the arbitrator’s office, and was about halfway through the doughnut when she heard what sounded like gunshots coming from across the hall.

Instinctively Millie knew what had just happened inside the arbitrator’s office. She calmly finished her doughnut and took some sips from the boxed drink as two security guards busted through the door to the arbitrator’s office.

Written for Cyranny’s One Minute Fiction Challenge. Photo credit: Cyranny.

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