February 2023 — Meh!

February 2023 was not a very good month for me. And no, I’m not talking just about my efforts rehab from my busted hip and fractured humerus. That’s been tough and this whole thing knocked me for an unexpected loop by draining my energy in a big way. But what really has me glum is that my blog’s views this month were only 10,620. That happens to be my lowest number of monthly views on my blog since June of 2018, when it received 10,001.

I can easily explain the drop in views. Before I had my accident, I posted almost every day a combo post using my own daily FOWC with Fandango one-word prompt plus one-word prompts from up to five other bloggers, but I’ve given that up since the day of my stupid accident.

I posted my Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge and my Fandango’s Story Starter prompts on Monday and Tuesday mornings, respectively. But Paula Light has taken over FFFC and Jim Adams has been keeping FSS alive, and I really appreciate them doing that until I’m ready to take them back, hopefully sometime later this month.

I religiously responded to Jim Adams’ Song Lyric Sunday prompt, but that, too, fell by the wayside since my injury. I hope to get back to that again soon. And there have been other weekly prompts, like Sadje’s What Do You See, that I normally participated in, but since January I have only done so occasionally.

I also haven’t kept up with a lot of the posts that bloggers I follow have posted, therefore I haven’t commented on other bloggers’ posts as much as I used to.

Oh, and I only posted 101 times this past month, the fewest posts in a month since I posted just 91 in February 2018.

I don’t know if or when I’ll resume blogging at the same pace and with the same regularity I did before I broke my body. But given my lack of energy, I’m doing the best I can and I hope that, as my body heals, my energy will return and I’ll get back to my old form.

25 thoughts on “February 2023 — Meh!

  1. Paula Light March 1, 2023 / 8:41 am

    That makes sense. It amazes me you’re posting anything, given your ouchies. I hope you’re back in top form soon! 💖

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  2. Renard Moreau March 1, 2023 / 8:44 am

    🤔 I am really sorry to learn that the month of February was a horrible one for you.

    Hopefully, your views will improve for March and your hip and your shoulder will heal better.

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  3. JT Twissel March 1, 2023 / 8:52 am

    I was surprised by how much energy it takes to heal! Many bloggers have reported less activity the last couple of months – winter duldrums I think.

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  4. rugby843 March 1, 2023 / 9:42 am

    I hope you are eating right and choosing things to make those bones heal faster.  Don’t overdo.  I did and ended back up in hospital and we know how much fun that is😳

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  5. pensitivity101 March 1, 2023 / 11:12 am

    You can only do so much Fandango, otherwise you’ll undo all the good you’ve done in your recovery so far. You’ll get back into the swing of things in time.

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  6. babsje March 1, 2023 / 12:38 pm

    So sorry that you had to go through those big injuries. Your loyal followers and friends aren’t going anywhere while you practice necessary self-care and healing. I say step away from the blog stats – the important steps and stats are those dictated by your physical therapist, and not WordPress. Be gentle on yourself about posting and commenting. And good luck!

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      • babsje March 1, 2023 / 3:20 pm

        Good luck. I feel your pain. I was away from my own blog for 10 months due to life-threatening illness with 9 weeks of inpatient stay and then after that a severe loss of eyesight, but eye surgery within the next 4 weeks to repair. I was anxious about my blog friends, but they were patient and understanding of my quietness, and that brought joy. Take care!

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        • Fandango March 1, 2023 / 4:53 pm

          I’m sorry about what you went through, but thanks for the encouraging words.

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          • babsje March 1, 2023 / 5:04 pm

            You’re welcome and thank you. 3 eye surgeries to go. Excellent medical treatment benefits both of us. And as the Buddhists say “Pain happens but suffering is optional.” Take care.

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  7. Marilyn Armstrong March 1, 2023 / 1:02 pm

    Yup. Volume matters. My numbers are about half what they were a year ago, but I’m also posting about half of what I used to post. And, you know what? That’s okay. It’s nice when you get more number, but 10,000 is perfectly fine and I haven’t hit that in almost three year because I’m posting less. As it is, I’m really busy with the rest of my life and I don’t have time — or incentive — to be constantly on the computer. I get a reasonable number of view and my friends have stuck with me and I with them.

    Hey, if you get MORE seriously ill, you can get great number. When I was out having my heart rearranged, Garry posted for me and got HUGE numbers. Being almost dead can really boost your stats, but maybe a bit less is okay too?

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  8. Sadje March 1, 2023 / 5:06 pm

    You’re still writing daily posts and I think it’s a great achievement. Blogging is an interactive process so when you start writing more, the stats will improve. I hope you feel better soon

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  9. Taswegian1957 March 1, 2023 / 11:40 pm

    Taking time for yourself is the important thing and I’m sure you will get back to blogging more seriously soon. My numbers have been rubbish lately as I’m not posting as much but honestly I think quality is more important than quantity. I get more pleasure from knowing that the bloggers who read my posts all the time will stick with me than getting huge numbers.

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  10. leigha66 March 6, 2023 / 12:25 pm

    You still have the faithful ones with you. I hope your numbers are better in March!

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