Super Bowl LVII

I watched the Super Bowl tonight. There are three reasons to watch the Super Bowl: the game, the commercials, and the Halftime Show.

My experience watching NFL Super Bowl games over the past 57 years is that the best part of the telecast are the commercials. Followed by the Halftime Show. And then there’s the game itself, which often is not a very good football game.

But in tonight’s Super Bowl, the best part of the telecast was actually the game, in which the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. I didn’t really care which team won, as none of my favorite teams were on the field. But it was an exciting, well played game. And I enjoyed it a lot.

The Halftime Show? Well, if you are into Rihanna, then I’m sure you enjoyed it. I’m not into Rihanna. So….

The commercials? There were a few really well done, funny, and effective ones, but for the most part, meh. That said, one commercial amid the beer and tax software and car commercials stood out. To me, anyway. There was one 30 second commercial and one 60 second commercial that were selling Jesus Christ. The shorter one had the tag line, “He Gets Us.” At the end of the longer ad, the message “Jesus loved the people we hate” appeared onscreen.

The purpose for these commercials was to increase the relevance of Jesus in American culture. Hey, as an American, I think there is already plenty of awareness of Jesus in American culture. And given that the cost to air those commercials came to about $20 million, Jesus has quite a generous PR budget for someone who’s been dead for more than 2,100 years. I wonder if the money used to produce and air those commercial could have been spent in a more Jesus-like way.

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  1. Marleen February 13, 2023 / 12:03 am

    It was an all-around great day. Good company (family and some friends I haven’t seen in a while) and yummy food. I enjoyed the game, a few commercials, and the music — both before the game and at halftime. While I wanted the Chiefs to win, I’d say I liked the music best of all. Still, for my overall enjoyment, it was more important the Chiefs won. 🌜🧣

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  2. Taswegian1957 February 13, 2023 / 12:27 am

    I’m sure that the money spent on those ads could have helped a lot of people in a real way. It’s nice to spread a message of love rather than hate but it still seems wasteful to me.

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  3. Nope, Not Pam February 13, 2023 / 1:33 am

    The god I believe in doesn’t endorse TV evangelist- Savage Garden

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  4. Penny Wilson Writes February 13, 2023 / 1:42 am

    Your assessment of the Superbowl is spot on! I was surprised and pleased with how good the game was! 🙂

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  5. bushboy February 13, 2023 / 10:56 am

    That’s crazy amount of money just for regular advertising products.
    I forgot about it and only saw the second half.. Those couple of walk overs by the Chiefs were the standouts plus the run after a woeful kick.

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  6. XingfuMama February 13, 2023 / 1:01 pm

    I saw somwhere that Hobby Lobby was behind those ads. To me that adds to the oddity. Jesus may get us…but I doubt very much that the we that includes Hobby Lobby gets Jesus.

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    • Marleen February 13, 2023 / 2:18 pm


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    • Fandango February 13, 2023 / 9:32 pm

      Yes, I read that the owner of Hobby Lobby was involved.


  7. leigha66 February 13, 2023 / 1:58 pm

    It was a good game, more importantly with the right outcome. I just have one question – what the heck did they do to Patrick M. at half-time to improve what was obviously a painful ankle injury at the end of the first half? Must have been some awfully good meds as he never even showed signs of a slight limp!

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  8. Marleen February 13, 2023 / 2:58 pm

    Five minutes in, there is passing dialogue on a piece of propaganda before the game, with a Pat Tillman Scholarship. (He was killed by friendly fire after he knew to much and thought independently.) Then they move to the slow-rolling lack of straightforward information on the flaming and exploding freight train in Ohio… [followed, after a few minutes for ads, by a couple of in-depth conversations with one guest after another guest on other topics].

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    • Marleen February 13, 2023 / 11:38 pm

      [… exposing] the group behind Super Bowl “Jesus” Ads

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