The Unexpected Encounter

Tom took a shortcut, just over the rise, when something totally unforeseen happened. He was staring straight into the eyes of a huge woolly mammoth.

Upon seeing that ugly beast, Tom was anything but a paragon of bravery. He immediately wet himself, turned around, and ran back down the rise and toward his home as fast as he could. Once there, he ran to his room, jumped into bed, and pulled the comforter up over his head.

He must have fallen asleep because he woke up to his mother shaking him. “Oh Tommy,” she said, “you’re nine years old. I think you should have stopped wetting your bed by now. No more drinking any water after dinner anymore.”

“But, Mom,” Tommy whined, “I didn’t wet the bed. It happened when I first saw that scary, giant, hairy elephant that started chasing me.”

“And no more sweet treats right before bedtime, either, young man,” Tommy’s mother said. “They’re giving you nightmares.”

Written for these daily prompts: My Vivid Blog (shortcut), Ragtag Daily Prompt (rise), Your Daily Word Prompt (foresee), The Daily Spur (huge), Word of the Day (wooly), and Fandango’s One Word Challenge (paragon). Photo credit: Darryl Brooks at Dreamstime.

6 thoughts on “The Unexpected Encounter

  1. Irene December 22, 2022 / 5:57 am

    Reality check for Tommy; almost sounds like a Twilight Zone episode, starting with a grown up Tom, lol.

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  2. newepicauthor December 22, 2022 / 6:58 am

    Why didn’t Tom change his underwear after he wet himself?

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    • Fandango December 22, 2022 / 7:51 am

      I guess he was too frightened to think about it, maybe.

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      • newepicauthor December 22, 2022 / 8:29 am

        That is yucky, but I guess if you are very scared you might lose control of your bladder. Laying in liquid waste must be awful. His mom should get him diapers.

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  3. Nope, Not Pam December 22, 2022 / 8:31 pm

    Yep, Tommy needs a hot chocolate before bed 😊

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