WDP — As Time Goes By

Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

Back in the day, when I was a younger man, that would have been an interesting question, as my life would change from year to year, sometimes significantly. I might have gotten a new job, moved to a different city or state, broke up with my girl and/or started dating someone new, met and fell in love with the woman I would marry. Had kids, kids had kids. Lots of changes over the years.

But the biggest change in my life was when I retired. Since then, the changes in my life from one year to the next have been relatively inconsequential. And that’s the beauty of retirement. My life since retirement has been the same as it ever was.

So to answer today’s daily prompt question, my life today is pretty close to exactly where I pictured it a year ago.

7 thoughts on “WDP — As Time Goes By

  1. donmatthewspoetry December 20, 2022 / 12:48 am

    I know of people who as soon as they retire have kicked the bucket. Good to know you’re still alive and kicking….

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  2. sweeterthannothing December 20, 2022 / 4:49 am

    Sounds like you have life exactly where you want it and thus have very little need to change.

    I also found this prompt too tempting to resist.

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