Question Time Over Coffee — 12/10 Edition

Rory, over at Earthly Comforts, has once again posed a number of intriguing questions this morning. Let’s see if I can come up with some equally intriguing answers.

1. What motivates you to get up every day?

Needing to pee.

2. What words have always struck you as funny or odd when looked upon?

I have come to believe that there is nothing anymore about the English language that strikes me as funny or odd. For example, the plural of goose is geese. So why isn’t the plural of moose be meese? And why do we park on a driveway but drive on a parkway? Everything is funny and/or odd.

3. How often do you read the comments left by other bloggers on other bloggers’ published posts?

That depends upon (1) how many comments there are and (2) how much time I have available. I’m less likely to read other bloggers’ comments if there are a lot of to them or if I have a limited amount of time.

4. How hard do you work to keep your long standing friendships alive year in and year out and do your friends work the same way to keep you?

We’ve moved around a lot (eight different states, not including two different times in Maryland and California), so it’s been challenging to maintain long standing friendships when you move around every few years.

5. How many emails do you delete every week?

Most of them that are not from someone I know or regarding something I’m expecting.

6. Are you easily distracted, and what do you find distracts you the most?

I’m not really that easily distracted, but there’s not much of what I do these days that suffers if I do get distracted.

7. Have you ever had a strange unexplained encounter that left you shaken and baffled, and if so, what do you think it was? Or what did your brain make you think it was?

I’ve experienced what I might call interesting coincidences, but nothing I can think of as being especially strange, unexplained, or baffling.

8. Are we more scared of things that go bump in the night when in the dark or equally as concerned if the same thing happens during daylight hours? If so, why do you think that is?

I think darkness adds a sense of mystery to things we hear or see, so I’m going to go with being more scared of such things in the darkness of night.

9. What do you think are the magical ingredients for writing a bestseller and do you think you could write one?

If I knew what the magical ingredients for writing a bestseller are, I’d probably have written one by now.

10. When was the last time you stayed awake all night having fun with another person, and what were you doing?

Sorry, but I don’t kiss and tell.

11. Would the 18 year old you recognise the older you if you both collided on the street today? If not, why?

Probably not. Unlike me now, the 18 year old me had a head full of hair (a lot) on his head, did not have a beard, and was skinnier than the much older me is now. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t recognize me at all.

12. What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Mostly I’m looking forward to staying healthy and to still be around to look forward to 2024 (and beyond) at this time next year.

13. Are you more curious or are you more passionate, or are you both?

I’m curious about those things that I’m curious about and passionate about those things that I’m passionate about.

14. Can you easily recognize your flaws, and do you think it is important?

Flaws? What flaws?

15. The musical album you loved the most in the last twenty years was… ?

The last twenty years? So since 2002? That’s a tough one, since my musical taste is mostly classic rock from the Sixties and Seventies. But strange as it seems, over the past decade I’ve become a bigger fan of Pink Floyd than I ever was when the band was back in its prime. So which Pink Floyd album? Hey, I’ll take ‘em all.

24 thoughts on “Question Time Over Coffee — 12/10 Edition

  1. ganga1996 December 10, 2022 / 2:48 pm

    Excellent answers. The 18 year would have no clue what a 60 year old life would be !😀

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  2. Henry Chamberlain December 10, 2022 / 3:07 pm

    I believe I would recognize the older present me if the younger me was somehow able to bump into myself. I’ve kept fit enough and I remain as puzzled and sarcastic about life as ever.

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  3. Gr8BigFun December 10, 2022 / 3:15 pm

    Great answersFandango. Moose are solitary animals hence the lack of a true plural. As bad a meese is mooses is just as aggregious.

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    • Gr8BigFun December 10, 2022 / 3:26 pm

      Ugh, can you edit that to first sentence to read “Great answers Fandango.”

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      • Fandango December 10, 2022 / 8:15 pm

        Done, but I knew that’s what you meant. 😏


    • Marleen December 10, 2022 / 6:14 pm

      Or GR8?

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    • Fandango December 10, 2022 / 8:33 pm

      As Popeye says, “I yam what I yam.”

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  4. Marilyn Armstrong December 10, 2022 / 4:35 pm

    Pink Floyd actually does sound better than he used to, but that’s probably because everything else sounds so bad.

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  5. Marleen December 10, 2022 / 6:16 pm

    I’ve noticed that conversations with “legislator” and “legislature” are tongue twisters for everyone (everyone who seems not to notice the difference in the two words anyway).

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    • Marleen December 11, 2022 / 10:31 am

      I meant to say … except for anyone who seems not to notice the difference …

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  6. Nope, Not Pam December 10, 2022 / 10:46 pm

    I agree about 2. English language is so odd

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  7. The Autistic Composter December 11, 2022 / 7:38 am

    Good answers for many of the questions Fandango,. and like you and most folks who remarked upon it the Inglish language is as confusing at times as not to be chewed toffee 🙂

    You could alter the peeing course and drink earlier before you go to bed?

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