Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #196

Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.

The image below is from Anita Austvika at

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman’s hands holding a mason jar labeled “bath salts” and she seems to be either screwing or unscrewing the top of the jar. On the surface of the table is a weaved basket with some dried flowers in it, a roll of twine, and a few other items.

If this week’s image inspires you and you wish to participate, please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to this post. I hope it will generate some great posts.

Please create a pingback to this post or manually add your link in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #196

  1. donmatthewspoetry December 5, 2022 / 10:30 am

    Hand of grass
    Spreads over pic
    Thin-like fingers
    Thin not thick

    Why it there
    I ask you Fan?
    Hand of grass
    ‘Cross pic it fan

    Shit annoying Fan……

    Don’t even frame it……

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  2. Nope, Not Pam December 5, 2022 / 12:15 pm

    Some would think she had bath salts in this container, but her fairies had to live somewhere

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    • Fandango December 8, 2022 / 9:35 pm

      I loved it! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say.


      • Olga Brajnović December 16, 2022 / 11:42 am

        I have to think positive, but you see, that rope in the picture was too tempting.

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