Five Word Weekly Challenge — The Skydive

“The fog is coming in heavy,” the flight controller in the tower said to the pilot. “It’s a barrier to safe jumps, even if you have them wearing orange jumpsuits for visibility. I think you should, for various reasons, over and above the fog, cancel the skydiving run and return to the airfield while you still can.”

Written for Greg’s Five Word Weekly Challenge, where the words are: various | tower | barrier | jumpsuit | fog

10 thoughts on “Five Word Weekly Challenge — The Skydive

  1. Gr8BigFun November 17, 2022 / 6:26 am

    Great five Fandango. Orange jumpsuits may aid in aerial recovery operations once the fog clears but they won’t be much help if the divers can’t see the ground.

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    • Fandango November 17, 2022 / 4:56 pm

      An excellent observation, Greg! 😏


  2. donmatthewspoetry November 18, 2022 / 12:16 am

    How many pilots have taken their planes into a mountain in dense fog?………

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    • Fandango November 18, 2022 / 9:14 am

      I don’t know. How many?


      • donmatthewspoetry November 18, 2022 / 2:02 pm

        Maybe not many.

        18 Feb 2018 — An Iranian commercial plane crashed on Sunday in a foggy, mountainous region of southern Iran, killing all 65 people on board,

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