Throwback Thursday — Booze and Doobies

Maggie, at From Cave Walls, and Lauren, at LSS Attitude of Gratitude, alternate hosting Throwback Thursday. The idea of the prompt is for them to give us a topic and for us to write a post in which we share our own memories or experiences about the given topic. This week, Lauren wants us to “think back to those teen years (and later) to respond to today’s topic, which is “Suds, Buds, and Vino.”

Here are Lauren’s questions.

1. Did you grow up in a family that had beer or wine at family meals? Were either beverages part of your parent’s “relaxation” time?

2. Was wine consumed as part of religious or family celebrations? If so, when?

In answer to #1 and #2, my father kept a bottle of Southern Comfort, a whiskey-flavored liqueur, and a bottle of Slivovitz schnapps, a plum brandy, in the dining room cabinet, but he rarely imbibed. There was no beer in our house and wine was reserved for special occasions, like family get togethers.

3. Were you allowed to have a “sip” of the adult beverages?

I wasn’t allowed to, but I would occasionally sneak a sip when no one was paying attention.

4. When you were a teenager did it bother you that your parents had one set of behaviors, yet you were expected to have another?

Not with respect to drinking at home, as that was a relative rarity, anyway.

5. When you were in high school, did you or your friends drink alcohol? If you were underaged, how did you acquire the booze?

Oh yes. We’d find some older person who would purchase beer or booze for us for a slight fee.

6. Were you offered marijuana or other drugs while in high school? If you chose to partake, did it get you into trouble, or were you never caught?

I didn’t try marijuana until I was a junior in college and probably had it only two or three times before I graduated. I was never caught nor did I ever get in trouble (probably because I was never caught).

7. Did you ever get too drunk or too high to function? How did your body react to that?

Mostly it was too drunk and I’d end up spending the night with my arms wrapped around the porcelain goddess and suffering from a severe hangover the next day.

8. Have your opinions about taking drugs and drinking alcohol changed over time? Are you more conservative or more liberal than you were in your youth?

I don’t drink much alcohol anymore and while I did experiment with LSD, Quaaludes, mescaline, and I smoked a lot of grass in my younger days, I never did heroin or cocaine. These days I may consume a cannabis-infused edible (a gummy or marshmallow) every once in a while, I mostly neither drink much nor get high from marijuana anymore.

9. If applicable, did you raise your children with the same beliefs that you grew up with?

Pretty much, but my daughter and her fiancé are into artisan beers and will smoke pot or take edibles periodically. Because my son is a parent of very young kids now, he doesn’t drink or do any drugs at all.

10. If you had any input over alcohol or marijuana laws would you change them?

I would make marijuana legal throughout the country for those adults (over 18) who wish to use it. It shouldn’t be a crime to use marijuana if it’s not a crime to drink alcoholic beverages.

17 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday — Booze and Doobies

  1. bushboy November 3, 2022 / 7:27 pm

    A crying baby sure makes you wish you weren’t stoned. Soon stopped any drug or alcohol intake for a while

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  2. Paula Light November 3, 2022 / 7:28 pm

    Makes sense. I’m skipping this TT so as not to incriminate myself 😎

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  3. Lauren November 3, 2022 / 7:45 pm

    Thanks for joining im Fandango. I agree that laws should be even more liberal than alcohol.

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  4. Carol anne November 3, 2022 / 10:19 pm

    I agree about marijuana! They should legalise it!

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  5. Marleen November 3, 2022 / 10:48 pm

    We didn’t have beer or wine at family meals or in the house. Sometimes, at events with the extended family, there were people who would bring beer. My dad would bring wine or gift wine, depending upon who would be at the gathering. My parents would have wine at our home only if they had dinner guests (non-family). I would be given a small glass of the wine.

    I didn’t drink alcohol with my friends in high school. My closest cousin has told me, in recent years, that she would drink from a bottle of something like vodka or gin that her mother had. Then she would add water to get the level back up to where her mother would expect it to be. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but wouldn’t have been motivated to do it either.

    I was offered marijuana at the end of high school. I did partake. It was interesting, but left me sleepy or slow into the next day or couple days. So I wasn’t very interested in it. As for marijuana or alcohol, I’m a bit more liberal than how I grew up. Largely, I did things the way my dad did (he’s the one who gave me cups of wine). My mother is just all over the place.

    Well… not quite all over the place. She doesn’t drink a bit (I didn’t pay attention, but she might not have even had wine when we had dinner guests). She acts like alcohol is the devil (but didn’t really talk about it when I was young). Still, when I took her to a Catholic autumn fair, recently, and there was a beer and canned vodka drink booth, she said, “That’s okay, it’s Catholic.”

    But, of course, she was against being Catholic too all of my life until roughly a year after my dad died. She wants to pretend like she’s as good* a person as he was. I never got in trouble, but I’m for bot>and decriminalizing marijuana. Certainly, this was not contemplated in my childhood. I see it as morally wrong for a plant to be illegal or prohibited.

    * No… she wants to lie about him and pretend she’s better. But the things she says he did are the things she did (as if I didn’t see her). He didn’t do them, but if he had… then how is she better? Anyway, that’s off-topic.

    Back to topic, Mom smoked marijuana with my cousin… decades ago. Okay, well… whatever bitch.

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    • Marleen November 3, 2022 / 10:56 pm

      I don’t know how this happened: “for bot>and decriminalizing”

      It supposed to be that I’m for both legalizing and decriminalizing …

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      • Lauren November 4, 2022 / 12:01 am

        Thanks for explaining. I was a bit confused. 🙂

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    • Lauren November 4, 2022 / 12:02 am

      It’s interesting how we view our parents when we are still children. Thanks for joining in.

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      • Marleen November 4, 2022 / 9:49 am

        It really is interesting. My female parent was a control freak (not the wording I had as a child as I just thought she was a strict parent and parents were to be obeyed). But she’s sort of the opposite of what she was trying to needlessly enforce in me (needlessly when I wasn’t a wild type teenager). My husband (who I did marry when I was still a teen but more than a year past high school and not pregnant) mentioned to me, more than once over the years, that she didn’t love me (honestly a gut level, subconscious, sense that I was no longer safe at home is likely why I was open to marriage at the time). I thought his view was completely out of bounds and bizarre (while it was not out of context) when he said it. Then (after decades), dawnings of awareness occured to me… might be true. One day, when she was pointlessly — except that she sees me as lower than him because I didn’t have a paid career and she believes people are supposed to be in servitude to individuals and sides with money — going on about how great he is (and I wasn’t saying he wasn’t but was tired of the oppressive jawing from somone who said a lot of bad things about him when I was getting ready to marry him but did not tell me why the hell, and there was a reason, she was saying them), I told her that he has said to me multiple times that she doesn’t love me. Her answer was telling, just evasiveness and a continuation of how my life is not bad (in terms of comforts) like the lives of many people. What might look like love from a parent can simply be trying to shape a piece of their own life to avoid embarrassment or to have an extension of power into the future (she continued, after I was married, to try controlling me in multiple ways — including complaining about him as well as everything I did as an adult). We used to think there were good reasons for a fellow citizen to be arrested for having a marijuana plant, but it’s only about control. Per our current legalization trajectory, what we are leaving was about specifically governmental control. Now it’s going to be about corporate control. That’s why I’m for decriminalization (of possession and growing your own). We have seen government officials act with physical force (as well as economic accommodation) on behalf of the more powerful of personal entities against those who seem smaller (like at Standing Rock); I’m against that. [My view that a plant shouldn’t be illegal has continued from somewhere during high school through to now.]

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        • Lauren November 4, 2022 / 9:58 am

          Thank you for your explanation. I married a week after my 18th birthday, in part, I later realized to get out of the house.

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  6. Maggie November 4, 2022 / 8:47 am

    There is something about the feeling of invincibility where youth is concerned. I suppose it is about spreading wings and discovering boundaries. I was a bit of a chicken where all that experimenting was concerned. I was very naive.

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  7. leigha66 November 12, 2022 / 10:29 pm

    I completely agree with number 10. It is crazy that it is still illegal so many places.

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