Don’t Sweat the “Small” Stuff

Americans are not known to be long-term thinkers. We seem to focus on our immediate needs rather than on our future needs. We seem to be driven by the 24-hour news cycles and by the latest tweets. We are more tactical than strategic. And that doesn’t bode well for America in the midterm elections coming up in a week and a half, where the long term survival of America’s democracy is on the ballot.

Between the efforts by Republicans in red states to disenfranchise voters, to make voting more difficult, to control the voting processes in their states and decided which ballots to count and which to toss, and by many GOP candidates suggesting that they will not accept the results of an election if they lose, I don’t hold out much hope for the survival of democracy in America after this election.

Sure, the economy, inflation, gas and heating oil prices, women’s reproductive rights, jobs, gun rights, the stock market, religious freedoms, and other factors that affect daily lives are important. But we can’t worry about those things exclusively and not take the existential threat to democracy for granted. Because if we do, democracy will surely slip through our fingers.

I urge everyone who votes next Tuesday for your U.S. senators and representatives, for your governors, secretaries of state, state attorneys general, state legislators, and other local officials to think strategically, to think beyond the hotly contested issues of the day, to think longer term, and to think strategically. I urge you to imagine what life in America — your life in America —would be like under authoritarian rule.

Because if the Republicans gain control of the U.S. Congress and tighten controls in red states across the country, that could very well be the last nail in the coffin of America’s democracy.

24 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the “Small” Stuff

  1. Paula Light October 21, 2022 / 11:29 am

    Well said! I voted straight Democrat, whether I “like” them or not. This isn’t about who we might wanna hang out with ~ we’ve got to keep T supporters out of power!

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    • Fandango October 21, 2022 / 11:32 am

      Absolutely! Our futures depend upon it.

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  2. JT Twissel October 21, 2022 / 11:40 am

    Inflation is being driven in part by enormous corporate profits. The Trumpie Republicans try to make it about who’s the president and they should be shouted down every time they do. (Katie Porter fan here!)

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    • Marleen October 21, 2022 / 12:13 pm

      I’m a Katie Porter fan as well.

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  3. rugby843 October 21, 2022 / 11:51 am

    I hope people vote and don’t give up hoping their neighbors will be their voice

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  4. Marilyn Armstrong October 21, 2022 / 11:54 am

    Actually, although it looks to us like OUR democracy, such as it is, is going down the tubes — this is really international. Among the other things we don’t look at, Americans don’t look at “the world.” As far as we are concerned, we ARE the world. It’s why American tourists tend to be unpopular overseas.

    Italy, Germany and other European states are going through a similar redux of fascism. It’s especially troubling in places like Italy and Germany where surely you’d think they’d had quite enough fascism for all eternity.

    There’s a lot on the line. Democracy, yes. Abortion and the limitation of women’s rights? Yup. A troubled economy? Well what DID they think would happen after they exported all our productivity overseas?

    HUMAN BEINGS are not long-term thinkers. We need about 20 year to mostly forgot what our parents learned. Add another ten to deny anything even happened. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. Pre-Civil (unCivil if you ask me) War and the 1930s all over Europe come to mind.

    What really scares me most is this might be the LAST time. Our way of life and our world as we know it IS on the line. EVERYTHING is on the line at the same time. It isn’t just the U.S., either. Short of an actual nouveau revolution? The fascists ain’t letting go and I’m not sure we have the power to make them let go.

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    • Fandango October 21, 2022 / 2:12 pm

      Unfortunately, everything you said is true and it’s all very disconcerting and depressing.

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    • Lolsy's Library October 23, 2022 / 6:31 am

      As an Australian, I think I can safely say we are all terrified about America. We just voted out our wannabe-mini Trump Morrison a few months ago. The relief that came with it. We also were all watching the American election in 2020, every single one of us that I knew feeling sick to our stomachs until those results came in. You all did it once, you can do it again!


  5. Marleen October 21, 2022 / 12:20 pm

    If swing voters go with some particular topic rather than democracy, American “libertarians” will keep singing their song about the United States not being — in that it’s not supposed to be to them — a democracy. Most don’t realized they’re being played for fools.

    FASCISM: An In-Depth Explanation 738K views · 7 months ago | Ryan Chapman

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    • Marleen October 21, 2022 / 5:16 pm

      Perhaps the brilliant speaker in the previous video came to a correct conclusion per definition. I’m not sure; either way, then fascism isn’t the greatest or only evil in society (by which I do not mean that we mustn’t forget communism). And, by the way, when Mr. Chapman looks for modern or contemporary pronouncements against private property… leading up to his definition… I thought of the statement “You will own nothing and be happy.” That, also, in the tie to the evil of fascism…might not be the essence of or only ultimate evil.

      Empire and Economics: The Long History of Debt-Cancelation from Antiquity to Today · Streamed 3 years ago • The People’s Forum NYC

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      • Marleen October 21, 2022 / 6:59 pm

        Democratic nominee for Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona exemplifies why down-ballot votes matter

        The Arizona Secretary of State’s office is now asking the DOJ to investigate potential voter intimidation after a group of people “approached and followed” a voter in Maricopa County who was just dropping off a ballot at a drop box–and it doesn’t seem like an isolated incident.

        Tonight’s Democracy Defender, Julie Gunnigle, the Democratic nominee for Maricopa County Attorney, who, if elected, will be responsible for overseeing the Maricopa County Election Board tasked with certifying future elections, joins Joy Reid to discuss this and the state’s contested 1864 abortion ban.

        Oct. 20, 2022 {Note, the guest shared that the “age of consent” in 1864 was ten years old. And you might be interested in who, in that state, looks forward to enforcing the 1864 ban — which involves years of imprisonment.}

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      • Marleen October 22, 2022 / 12:55 pm

        white conservative pastor Ed Young … using MLK to shade … being woke

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      • Marleen October 22, 2022 / 3:48 pm

        Larry Kudlow Accidentally Admitted Liz
        Truss’s/Conservative Economics … Disaster

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    • Marleen October 22, 2022 / 9:49 am

      Tucker Carlson … Race War


        • Marleen October 22, 2022 / 3:53 pm

          It’s similar to Donald Trump using the
          word “racist” to tell followers someone’s Black.

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  6. donmatthewspoetry October 21, 2022 / 5:16 pm

    Strategic and long-term thinking have gone out of fashion. Sadly. We are overloaded with too much going on/too much pressure. Necessary survival from day to day doesn’t allow for the application of strategic and long-term thinking.

    Then there’s greed and money….

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  7. jilldennison October 21, 2022 / 7:52 pm

    Excellent, my friend. Far too many people claim to care about democracy, but plan to vote Republican because of a misguided belief that Republicans will do a better job of managing the price of fuel, food, rent and the like. I do understand the concern with the economy, but it is global … it is not anything Biden did or can control … EVERY nation is going through the same. My advice to people is tighten their belts, spend less on food, buy less junk, cut back on car trips, and ultimately the economy will stabilize. If we lose our democracy, it will be decades or longer before we have a chance to get it back … if ever. Perspective. The cartoon at the top of your post says it all.

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    • Fandango October 21, 2022 / 9:01 pm

      Perspective. Exactly. Most Americans are unaware of what’s happening economically outside of our country, so they don’t know or care that it’s global. I’m so worried about what will transpire in our country after November 8th.

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      • jilldennison October 22, 2022 / 9:37 am

        You’re so right. When Russia first attacked Ukraine back in February, people’s ears perked up for a time, but today most people don’t know nor care for they are so narrowly focused on rising prices and the upcoming election. But what is happening in Ukraine has the most impact on our fuel & food prices, not to mention the Russian threat and the humanitarian crisis. People seem stuck in their own little worlds. Like you, I am very concerned about what will happen post-election. Long-term, of course I am worried that the country may be in the hands of those who applaud the likes of Orbán and would turn democracy upside down. Short-term, I am concerned (that’s putting it mildly) about violence, about legitimate winners being denied the win while election deniers continue to stoke fear and anger among their base. Let us hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

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        • Fandango October 22, 2022 / 3:02 pm

          I would like to hope for the best, but I am quickly running out of hope.

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          • jilldennison October 22, 2022 / 11:17 pm

            I feel the same, but … if we give up, then all is lost before we even leave the gate. So, we keep trying, my friend.

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  8. Carol anne October 22, 2022 / 2:31 pm

    vote wisely guys! Keep the orange cheeto head out of office! please! xo

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