TMP — Blue Monday

First, Dr. Tanya announced that there will be no Blogging Insights prompt today. And as of 1:30 pm Pacific time, Melanie has yet to post her Share Your World challenge. Those are my Monday staples. What ever will I post about today?

Well, at least Paula has the The Monday Peeve prompt, where she gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off.

What pisses me off today? I’m glad you asked. I am a retiree and a senior citizen, a septuagenarian, in fact. I am, thankfully, in relatively good health for an old fart, and I live with my wife in our nice, comfortable home.

So it annoys me when, nearly every day, I receive brochures in the mail for senior living facilities. They have names like Pleasant Valley, Serenity Village, Rolling Acres, Tranquility Heights, Sunrise Manor, The Glen, Forest Park, The Golden Oaks, Fox Gables, to name a few. They are advertised as retirement communities, 55+ communities, independent living complexes, assisted living facilities, etc.

They advertise that they offer security, senior-focused amenities, and a sense of community, all in an idyllic environment. They all tell you that you’re never far from great shopping, fine arts, live music, theaters, restaurants, bistros, and boutiques. Many offer on-site gyms and fitness centers, on-site dining, cleaning and laundry services, transportation services, golf course or swimming pool access, and community recreational events. Most have hiking trails and biking trails, and, of course, all have “excellent medical care” available nearby.

Sounds great, right? But you know what? I love my home and I’m not in need of all of those amenities. At least not yet. Maybe when I reach my 80s. But for now, stop wasting time and money sending all of these lovely senior living brochures to me. Don’t call me, I’ll call you — when and if I’m ready. In the meantime, your brochures are joining all of the Christmas catalogs that I receive in the mail by being tossed directly into the recycling bin.

18 thoughts on “TMP — Blue Monday

  1. Marilyn Armstrong October 17, 2022 / 1:31 pm

    And oh my, the PRICES they charge in those places! You can own two houses and maybe a small jet for that kind of money!

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    • Fandango October 17, 2022 / 5:01 pm

      I haven’t bothered getting far enough into it look at the prices!


      • Marilyn Armstrong October 17, 2022 / 5:51 pm

        We had a group of these places go up just down the road so I went to look at them. Un-freaking-believeable.

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        • Fandango October 17, 2022 / 9:44 pm

          Yeah, I don’t think I’d be interested. Not yet, anyway.


          • Marilyn Armstrong October 18, 2022 / 4:26 pm

            This place didn’t even offer any special services. They were set up nicely, but on two floors without a chair lift. I didn’t need one back then, but it’s 10 years later & I need one now. It was also about $100,000 more than a normal condo and it wasn’t $100,000 better. Really expensive for a 4-room condo, even with a patio. Nice little condo, but for this neighborhood, way out of line.

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            • Marilyn Armstrong October 18, 2022 / 4:29 pm

              Basically, it was a nice little condo with things like raised outlets for less bending. But there was no assistance, no one to help with carrying stuff. I’m assuming they did the snow cleanup, but basically, it was just a nice condo with a few SMALL extras that wouldn’t cost much to add yourself — for a lot less than what they were charging.

              It was NOT assisted living.

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  2. Paula Light October 17, 2022 / 1:36 pm

    Yeah, they are too expensive for ordinary people. I agree on the wastefulness of advertising though ~ it just never ends!

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  3. donmatthewspoetry October 17, 2022 / 4:01 pm

    I like reading the bright side of you each week Fan. Gives me a lift……

    You didn’t mention the heated pools with nice girls (brought in from outside nice-girl agencies) bringing poolside g&t’s……..

    I believe some also provide personal trainers in their gyms (also from nice-agencies)……..

    Finally, and seriously, our eldercare facilities here are being made to undergo huge changes after one resident died though utter neglect. Take their money, greed. The same old story Fan…….

    And nice

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  4. Sadje October 17, 2022 / 5:58 pm

    The ads they make are very enticing too. It makes one wonder what sort of money they’re making here?

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  5. rugby843 October 17, 2022 / 6:24 pm

    I live in a 55 and over apartment complex but it is not assisted-living at all. In fact there are a lot of people living here who could lose use a lot of assistance believe me. This is in no fact ideal. I just try to keep out of other people’s way and wish they would stay out of mine. I like to be in my apartment and stay out of trouble. It’s surprising the amount of trouble that goes on almost daily. Some people here NEED to be somewhere else😳😎


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    • Fandango October 17, 2022 / 9:47 pm

      So the ads and brochures don’t reflect reality? Shocking! 🙄


  6. Nope, Not Pam October 18, 2022 / 3:32 am

    Some people do benefit from them. Sometimes people need what they provide

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  7. Irene October 18, 2022 / 3:45 am

    😣 I think a lot of the ugly got exposed during the Covid19 pandemic. You are wise to stay in your own home as long as possible, Fandango; an option is to get help going to your home as needed, I hope to be able to do so when the time comes. And I agree, those retirement residence brochures are annoying.

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  8. Taswegian1957 October 18, 2022 / 6:38 am

    I’m a few years away from having to think about that I hope but I would not want to live in a retirement village, assisted living home or God forbid a nursing home. I like my privacy and my independence so I’ll stay in my own home as long as my health permits. Then I hope to make a hasty exit before I’m forced to be institutionalised.

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  9. Carol anne October 18, 2022 / 5:52 pm

    Lol. At least your not getting food menus, thats what I seem to get lately, and I’m on a diet! xo

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