The Future is Now

It’s hot in the East Bay, where I live, in the summer. High temperatures are typically in the low to mid nineties with an occasional foray into triple digits. The operative word is “occasional,” and when those occasions occur, they usually last a day or two.

But those days of the low to mid nineties being the norm and triple digits being a relatively rare exception seem to have passed us by, as can be seen by the forecasted temperatures in my town over these next six days. And this is likely to get worse due to — dare I say it? — climate change.

In his Editor’s Letter in this week’s issue of The Week magazine, William Falk wrote:

The contention that climate change isn’t real has gone poof! in a wisp of smoke, like a piece of paper held under a magnifying glass on a 100-degree day. But there are still those who contend that rapidly reducing the use of fossil fuels would be too painful a price to pay, and that rather than succumb to “alarmism,” humanity should learn to “adapt” to a hotter planet.

Falk goes on to give a number of examples of the devastating effects of climate change around the globe. He adds, “All this comes after just 2 degrees Fahrenheit of warming so far. Without a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases, we may be heading for a rise of 3 degrees F in two decades, with more to come.”

As the pandemic has shown, our species is prone to kicking the can down the road, to selfishly putting off the change and sacrifice needed to avoid collective future catastrophe. But what if the future shows up early?

As the late George Allen, the great head coach of the Washington Redskins football team said when he was named head coach in 1971, “The future is now.” But unlike his football team, the future of our planet looks pretty bleak.

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  1. Lou Carreras September 4, 2022 / 10:51 am

    The time is past for half measures. But a good start on freeing up the governmental will to do something would be campaign finance reform, and ending the idiocy of corporations ruling the roost through mega donations to members of Congress.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong September 4, 2022 / 10:52 am

    This is an attitude that makes me crazy. These people have families. Don’t they CARE what becomes of them?

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  3. rugby843 September 4, 2022 / 11:07 am

    Better stick up In a big ice chest in case the power goes out. Good luck and try to stay cool

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  4. Paula Light September 4, 2022 / 11:38 am

    Somehow, taking care of Earth and helping mankind survive has become associated with “godless liberals,” and thus the right won’t take it seriously. I guess they figure God will pop down as sort it out…

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  5. Mister Bump UK September 4, 2022 / 11:51 am

    I think Falk is absolutely wrong, and does the cause no favours whatever, to highlight extreme temperatures in a single event. Because deniers will simply point to the frost they had in Fl last year, or whatever.
    The real measure of climate change is that there were x number of extreme weather events in 1950, say, and there were 3x last year. To show that these events are significantly more frequent than they used to be.
    But imagine all this without aircon! But don’t worry – the solution is Alaska!

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    • Fandango September 4, 2022 / 3:42 pm

      Did Falk a disservice if I made it sound like he based this on a single even. I cut out of my post the following portion of his editorial:

      “The summer of 2022 has put the adaptation option under the magnifying glass. Unprecedented heat and drought have scorched China for months, and dried up so many rivers—including the mighty Yangtze—that authorities are instituting rolling blackouts because of lost hydropower. (See International columns, p.15.) In Europe, 104-degree days and prolonged drought baked a shocked Britain brown, revealed long-submerged relics in the Tiber River and sunken German warships in the Danube, and shut down popular river cruises on the Rhine. In the American Southwest, the worst megadrought in 1,200 years may lead to major water usage cuts for seven sunblasted states dependent on a waning Colorado River. Is turning off the water an adaptation?

      “A hotter atmosphere traps a lot of moisture, so that when rain does arrive, it sometimes comes down with biblical ferocity. In recent weeks, a spate of “1,000-year floods” have submerged Kentucky, Dallas, and other parts of the U.S., destroying thousands of homes. In Pakistan, “a monsoon on steroids” has flooded close to a third of the country, killing more than 1,100 people and inflicting misery on 33 million. All this comes after just 2 degrees Fahrenheit of warming so far. Without a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases, we may be heading for a rise of 3 degrees F in two decades, with more to come.”

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    • Fandango September 4, 2022 / 3:56 pm

      Also, I’m going to have to do some more research, but I sure I’ve read that the the frequency and duration of extreme weather events are significantly higher than they were 50+ years ago.

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      • Mister Bump UK September 4, 2022 / 10:52 pm

        Oh, the frequency is (higher). My point is… That’s the argument. We can’t just point to somewhere being hot, because deniers will write it off as a “hot spell”. We have to use more macroscopic data.

        But I don’t really think the argument is with deniers any more. There can’t be any real deniers left, can there? They’re more “ignores”. It’s wilful.

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        • Fandango September 4, 2022 / 10:57 pm

          Yes, it’s willful ignorance. And it’s a dangerous game they’re playing.

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  6. Marleen September 4, 2022 / 12:32 pm

    The Trump Republicans are funded by the likes of Peter Thiel, and Kushner shares their priorities: Earlier this week, Kushner also said he kept his body in shape because he might one day become immortal.

    Meanwhile, Bannon followers in tandem with “MAGA” want to destroy the “State” (that’s the federal government — the United States in any sort of order).

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    • Marleen September 4, 2022 / 5:08 pm

      August 12. 1022


      On Thursday, a man identified as Ricky Shiffer — a Trump supporter who attended the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot — attacked an FBI building in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a nail gun, ultimately dying in a confrontation with police. On Truth Social, Trump’s social media platform, Shiffer indicated that he was motivated by the FBI raid. “We must not tolerate this one,” he wrote in one message.

      On Friday, Temple Beth David — a South Florida synagogue attended by the federal judge who authorized the search — was scheduled to host evening services on the beach. But a member of the synagogue on Thursday said that the Beach Shabbat event was canceled amid a deluge of antisemitic threats. The judge’s involvement in the synagogue had been publicly identified in a Tuesday Twitter post by Lenny Dykstra, a former New York Mets outfielder and convicted felon, who followed up with antisemitic comments about Beth David’s religious practices.

      What we are seeing is shocking, but it’s part of an established pattern. Trump engages in some kind of egregious misbehavior, prompting official scrutiny and condemnation of his actions. He treats these actions as unjustified persecution… a claim that the Republican Party and conservative press dutifully echo. His most radical supporters become even more radical…

      January 6 is, of course, the most terrible illustration of this sequence to date. As Trump’s legal problems mount, there is every reason to expect it to repeat and even escalate, given the furious rhetoric from Trump and the GOP in recent days attacking the foundational legitimacy of the American state. The consequences could be calamitous.


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      • Marleen September 4, 2022 / 5:17 pm

        The above Vox article is where you get to if you follow the links. But, prior to the search warrant, Banninites/MAGA have been against more than the FBI; clean water protection, voting rights, on and on.

        Steve Bannon vows MAGA will destroy ‘Gestapo’ FBI: ‘We are a threat to the American state’

        Last edited Mon Aug 15, 2022, 02:31 PM

        Source: Raw Story

        Conservative podcast host Steve Bannon on Monday declared that his followers “are a threat to the American state.”

        During opening remarks on his War Room: Pandemic podcast, Bannon argued that the FBI should be defunded because agents served a search warrant to recover classified documents at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. . . . . . . Bannon noted that Vox had recently published a column warning that Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement is a threat to the “American state.”

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    • Marleen September 4, 2022 / 10:09 pm

      While I’ve been sharing articles that show a lack of interest in organizational approaches to cutting down on emissions and so forth, along with showing greater interest in business ventures of whatever sort with focus more in the individual as a narcissist (such as who might live forever or live on Mars), it’s not unheard of that environmental types are antiestablishment in approach to hoped solution. Somehow, this doesn’t seem realistic even though I might wish it to be.

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  7. Nope, Not Pam September 4, 2022 / 1:12 pm

    People are too stuck in their own lives to view the big picture, which is kind of funny since these people are always talking about the big picture

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      • Nope, Not Pam September 5, 2022 / 4:17 am

        That’s why it’s done so much

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  8. CARAMEL September 4, 2022 / 3:18 pm

    I hear people’s opinions on climate change and the earth…and I sometimes wonder at their beliefs. Some seem to think that life on earth is not that significant…they seem to think its all just a test. I heard someone the other day say something really strange. She professes to have no faith, but she is into positive thinking, and she said to someone else in the office who was talking about climate change that the best thing to do was eliminate all negativity and just think about the things that make her happy in life, that life is all about now and today and making the most of the moment. I have heard other people stick to their ideas that the media are blowing hot summers out of proportion, and too many people in England joke about how much they loved the 40 degree days we had this year.

    I don’t get it. I see the earth as our permanent home – one that we are supposed to care for. So, I if earth’s tenants ruin it…well, that’s a reason tenants are evicted.

    I felt very cross with a NASA person the other day, who said mankind needs to cut the umbilical cord with earth. I am coming to the conclusion that all who don’t care about the earth should just go, they should just go to Mars and leave people who love the earth, and love creation to care for it properly.

    To be honest Fandango, I am getting fed up of people who do not love the earth. I think a vast education program is needed to teach people to care for planet and other people properly. Priorities are all wrong.

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    • Fandango September 4, 2022 / 10:19 pm

      I agree with you, Mel. We need to pay attention to what we are doing to our planet and we need to take action to save it…and to save humankind…before it’s too late. Climate change deniers are living in a fantasy.


  9. lifelessons September 4, 2022 / 3:30 pm

    The truth is that very few people even go out anymore. How many people do you see sitting in lawn chairs in their front yard at night? How many kids play out in their lawns or in the street? Everyone is inside watching TV or on the computer, playing reality games. If this were the fifties, when people still spent lots of time outside, perhaps they’d be having more of a fit about climate change. We are anesthetized by the internet, Netflix, airconditioning and malls. It sees the outcry, even if it occurred today, would be too late. People are too bound up in their own welfare to take into account the welfare of the planet. So short-sighted that they can’t see that the welfare of the planet is their own welfare.

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    • Fandango September 4, 2022 / 10:23 pm

      I’m an old fart, Judy, and I know that the planet will continue to sustain human life through the rest of my remaining years. But what kind of world will my children and grandchildren have? Those who short-sighted are sacrificing the futures of their descendants.


  10. Carol anne September 4, 2022 / 4:11 pm

    It most certainly does look very bleak! I dread to think in 5 or 10 years time what we’ll be up against!

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  11. leigha66 September 13, 2022 / 10:50 pm

    Weather certainly is not the same as it was 20, even 10 years ago. Something is causing it and if it is not global warming what is it?

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