Get It In Gear

Aren’t you ready, yet?” Josh called out to his wife, who was in the bedroom.

“Oh my God, Josh,” Emily said, “do think I’m in here languishing around? I swear, you men can’t possibly appreciate what we have to go through to look sexy for you,” Emily said. “We have to put on our make-up, get our hair perfectly coiffed, don flimsy, frilly outfits that show off our assets in a peekaboo way, enough to generate interest without making us look like prostitutes. And on top of all that, we have squeeze our feet into fashionable high heeled, pointy shoes. What meager efforts do you make to look good for me?”

“I have to trim my beard and mustache, comb my hair, pick out and coordinate a shirt, suit, and tie, polish my shoes,” Josh said. “That’s not trivial.”

“Oh come on, Josh,” Emily said. “There’s no comparison. Oh wait, I forgot how much time you need to spend plucking your nose and ear hairs.”

Josh laughed. “Yes, but I do it with zeal. Now get your gorgeous ass in gear or we’ll be late for dinner.”

Written for these daily prompts from yesterday: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (languish), The Daily Spur (appreciate), My Vivid Blog (flimsy), Ragtag Daily Prompt (pointy shoes), Your Daily Word Prompt (meager), and Word of the Day Challenge (zeal).

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