Story Arc

In a twist of emotions, Elaine felt both joy and horror. Her tenacity had paid off, as she finally completed the first draft of her novel. But now she had to send her draft over to her editor, and that sent chills up and down her spine.

Elaine wasn’t sure how her editor would take it, though. There was nothing controversial about her subject matter, but she still wasn’t sure if her editor would send her back to the drawing board.

A week had passed since Elaine had sent her draft to her editor and she was feeling anxious about the feedback. So when she finished her macaroni and cheese lunch, she picked up the phone and called her editor. “Tom,” Elaine said when her editor answered the phone, “it’s Elaine. What did you think of my draft? I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear from you.”

“Hi, Elaine,” Tom said. “Let me first say that your writing mechanics are excellent. Your grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling are all perfect.”

“Thank you, Tom. That means a lot coming from you,” Elaine said. “How about the concept?”

“Well, Elaine,” Tom said. “Your story about a detective hired by a museum curator to find the provenance of a priceless chalcedony sculpture might need some work.”

“Can you be more specific, Tom?”

“Well, Elaine, while your set up is good, I’m not sure there’s enough tension, conflict, or action in your draft,” Tom said. “It bored me.”

“Oh,” Elaine said.

“And you mentioned when you introduced your detective in the second chapter that he’s ambidextrous, but you never referred to that characteristic again. What was the significance of your detective being ambidextrous?”

“Oh,” Elaine said. “I thought that added some interest to his character.”

“It could, I suppose, if it somehow became relevant to the story arc at some point,” Tom said. “So either make it relevant or drop it, Elaine.”

“So what are you saying, Tom?”

“I’m saying, Elaine,” Tom said, “don’t quit your day job.”

Written for these prompts: Twiglets (twist of emotions), Your Daily Word Prompt (tenacity), The Daily Spur (draft), My Vivid Blog (controversial), Word of the Day Challenge (macaroni), E.M.’s Random Word Prompt (provenance), Ragtag Daily Prompt (chalcedony), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (ambidextrous).

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