One-Liner Wednesday #2

I know I already posted my response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt, but I couldn’t resist publishing this quote remarkable quote from Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.”

It came out at yesterday’s House Select Committee hearing that, in the ongoing attempt to overturn election results in service of Donald Trump’s Big Lie about voter fraud in his defeat by Joe Biden, Rudy Giuliani told the Republican speaker of the Arizona house, Rusty Bowers, “We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.”

The problem with what Giuliani said to Bowers is that he, Trump, and all of Trump’s liars, knew full well that their “theories” were 100% bullshit, but they kept on pushing the message. And remarkably still do to this day.

14 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday #2

  1. newepicauthor June 22, 2022 / 2:07 pm

    Their main theory was that if a lie gets told enough times, that people will start believing that it is true.

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  2. Paula Light June 22, 2022 / 2:08 pm

    I know T* and his cohorts know it’s all a lie. What I wonder is how many civilian Republicans know it’s a lie too and don’t care vs how many really believe the con…

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    • Fandango June 22, 2022 / 3:10 pm

      Whether they know and don’t care or believe the lie, on the end, it doesn’t matter, does it?

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  3. Sadje June 22, 2022 / 5:42 pm

    This is such a strange statement coming out of a lawyer

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    • Fandango June 22, 2022 / 9:15 pm

      He was a lawyer and a the mayor on New York City on 9-11. He was known as “America’s Mayor.” Now he’s known as Trump’s mad lawyer.

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      • Sadje June 22, 2022 / 9:20 pm

        I know and I used to admire him. But now he’s a fool’s fool.

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